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October 25, 2014

Dragon Fortune, the new game for iPhone and Android by JackpotCity


Dragons Fortune Mobile

Over the last 4-5 years, there has been two noticeable trends in the iGaming industry. The first has been a not so subtle shift toward online casino operators offering better casino games in a mobile format for devices that are compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. The other trend sees gaming software developers designing more casino games for Asian markets.

With the introduction of Dragon's Fortune at JackpotCity, both trends are are on full display. The title aside, Dragon's Fortune is undeniably targeted towards a growing number of Chinese online and mobile players. From the game's color to the background and overall motif, the player is taken on a ride through the Orient.

Dragon's Fortune most closely resembles a lottery or arcade style game. The game face features a fire breathing dragon, a golden gong and six spots. The game begins with the player selecting a wagering amount. The minimum wager is $.50 up to a maximum of $10.00. After clicking on play, the fire breathing dragon shoots six colored pearls at the gong. The six balls land in the designated spots at the bottom. If the player matches two symbols out of a possible eight different symbols, they win the prescribed amount.

The eight Chinese symbols being used represent health, happiness and prosperity in Chinese culture. The prescribe multipliers being used, one for each symbol, are as follows: 2x, 5x, 10x, 100x, 250x, 1,000x, 10,000x and 20,000x. With a maximum wager times the highest paying symbol, the game's largest possible jackpot calculates out to $200,000. Now that amount will bring plenty of health, happiness and prosperity.

Dragon's Fortune is the perfect game for a mobile channel. The game's small screen fits nicely on any mobile device, which stands to make the game playing experience more complete and enjoyable. Until software developers can come up with a way to present 3D video slots in the same manner, arcade and lottery games will always look better in a mobile environment.

This is a trend that's only going to get stronger. Players demand convenience and site operators love the idea of providing its customers with the ability to gamble while on the go. If more quality games like Dragon's Fortune are offered in the future, the time may soon come when online gamblers trade in their laptops and desktops for smart phones and tablets.


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