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October 25, 2014

JackpotCity Brings Casino Blackjack Action Straight to Your Laptop


JackpotCity is one of largest and most popular online Casinos around, with a huge selection of over 400 casino games and over 300 online slots. But some players want the action of a table game and the excitement of finding an edge on the house. That’s where JackpotCity’s new downloadable Blackjack games come in. Whether you’re looking for Single Deck, Double Deck, Perfect Pairs or Pontoon, JackpotCity has packaged all the exhilaration of real Blackjack into a format you can play from literally anywhere.

Every card shark knows that Blackjack has some of the best odds in the casino business, and the best gamblers in the world go straight for the Blackjack tables when they’re in pursuit of fast-paced fun. Unlike other games that draw just on pure chance, a good Blackjack player can press his advantage against the dealer as well as other players. There’s nothing like the rush you’ll get from watching a long-term strategy pay off. You may even find yourself forgetting you’re outside a casino.

That’s because JackpotCity’s new software makes you feel like you’re sitting right at the tables, but without all the stress and pressure of a casino environment. When you play Blackjack online, you’re free from intimidation from dealers and other players. This gives you time to think and develop strategies on your own terms. You can even look up tactics and tips online while you’re playing. Try bringing a tip book with you the next time you visit a casino and see what happens.

According to the rules of Blackjack, your choices can directly affect your chances of winning. There’s virtually no other casino game (especially online) where that level of interactivity is present. When you split, stay, hold and double down, you dramatically change the outcome of the game and your chances of winning. The freedom and independence of playing online gives good players the chance to become great players, and great players the chance to become legends.

A blackjack table from JackpotCity CasinoJackpotCity is taking all of that action out of the casino and pumping it straight to your desktop or laptop with dozens of games in downloadable or browser-based format. Whether you’re playing for keeps or just playing for fun, you’ll have access to fast-paced, super fun blackjack action no matter where you are – poolside, ringside or just lounging on your porch.

And to make all that Blackjack action all the sweeter, JackpotCity is now offering a FREE Welcome Bonus worth $500 when you sign up and download their software. Not only do you get all the action of Vegas from the comforts of your own home, but JackpotCity will actually reward you just for signing up. You’ll be hitting, splitting and counting your cash in no time without ever having to leave your computer.

JackpotCity has been dominating online gaming since 1998, and it’s world renowned for it’s security, privacy and lightning fast cash outs.


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