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October 25, 2014

January Showdown at Millionaire Casino


If you were participant of four different online casino tournaments in December 2010, known as The Holiday Feast, then you can play at Millionaire Casino for 2011 Shutdown in this January. This tournament is under progress in this Millionaire Casino.

As far as the eligibility of this Shutdown tournament at Millionaire casino is concern, only those players can participate who was in top 200 in the list of The Feast Holiday. They can play in this contest and can win many excited prizes. Slot tournaments of The Holiday Feast are just started and it is known as January Showdown. These tournaments will start on third January and will last till ninth January 2011. And the winner will get cash prize of fifty thousand dollars at the end of this tournament.

If you were participants of The Holiday Feast, but you were not in top 200 and hence ineligible to participate in Shutdown then what is for you? Millionaire Casino has offered many excited and attractive prizes for all those participants of The Holiday Feast who were not in top 200 contestants. There are many online promotions for all those participants are also available and they can take advantage of these promotions till the end of promotions on the website of Millionaire Casino.

Millionaire Casino

The famous online casino, has just opened their excited and attractive offers in the month of January. There are many tournaments which are under progress and many others which will start in the middle of this month. Currently slot tournament on the Funky game is in progress. It started on January 10th 2011 and will end on January 13, 2011. There are many excited prizes are available for both winners and losers. Then after completion of this tournament there will be another tournament on Bangkok Nights game. It will start on January 17th 2011 and will end on January 20th 2011. There will be cash prizes for winners of this tournament and many promotions for losers.

Then at the end of this January, there will be another tournament on Magic Monkey game and this tournament will start from January 24th 2011 and will end on January 27 2011. Players have to pay the fees to buy, which is $5, and then there will be many excited prizes for them from the pot.

There are some weekend based tournaments will be played in this month, which will start on Friday and will end on Sunday. These weekends based tournaments will be played on the Jungle King game, Cool Bananas game, the Lucky Lady game, and the Black Magic slot game. Players have to pay the entry fee, which is $5, and then the prize money will be in cash form and it will come from pot.

If you are interesting in continuous tournament and you want to participate in daily basis, then online tournaments at Frozen Asserts casino will be the perfect choice for you. Frozen Assets online casino is arranging tournaments on Beat the Bank slot game and it will start on January 1st 2011 and will end on January 31st 2011.


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