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October 25, 2014

Kidney Wales Foundation denounce Paddy Power advertising: tacky and disturbing


Nicklas Bendtner showing his shorts signed by Paddy PowerAlmost two months ago, Paddy Power online sports book put their foot in a gargantuan hole when they broke UEFA and FIFA regulations that specifically stated that no sports betting advertisement can appear on a player’s shirt or person during an international football competition. Nicklas Bendtner of Denmark broke this rule when he celebrated by lifting up his Denmark shirt to reveal Paddy Power briefs. The punishment was harsh for the Danish forward with a light ban and a severe fine. Lucky for him, Paddy Power will have picked up the bill for their offenses. However, in the latest publicity wave to hit the sportsbook, either they have put their foot in it once more, or the politically correct party in England has turned to madness!

The latest attack on Paddy Power comes from the Kidney Wales Foundation, following the launch of Paddy Power’s new radio advertisement, after twenty six members of the public complained about the ad, leading the Advertising Standards Authority to become involved. A range of advertisements by Paddy Power have been banned over the years including one featuring blind footballers playing a game with a bell attached to the ball, only to end up kicking a cat that crossed the field with a collar on. Yes, it was incredibly funny and was only banned due to the efforts of animal rights protectors. However in a twist, the latest advert has the approval of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). In the ad, a man named as Jack Cooper posts on the Facebook page that “I’ll give you anything for a decent offer Paddy,” a play on the famous “I’d give my right arm” phrase.

The online sportsbooks replies to the Facebook post by stating that if he gives them a kidney, they will give him a top tip for the golf. Enter, the Kidney Wales Foundation who have stated that the advertisement is offensive and distressful to dialysis and transplant patients with kidney failures, and those waiting for new kidneys. For once, the politically correct party suffered a shock set back however as the ASA knocked the complaint back, citing it a light-hearted humor, which is how it is intended to be perceived. There have been a score of advertisements in the United Kingdom over the last few years that have received complaints, a great many of them banned for offensive material. Many will look to Paddy Power’s victory as a way to break apart the politically correct, who have been causing havoc in the country will there mindless objections to everyday matters. All television adverts will cause offense to someone, or some group and this represents a major victory for the online sportsbook and will encourage others to not be so afraid to promote themselves with a little light hearted comedy.


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