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October 25, 2014

King Neptunes Casino - find a treasure under the sea


King Neptunes Casino initially looks so glamorous and appealing. The lovely shades of blue, the multi-million dollar jackpots that are up for grabs, and a series of mobile gaming applications for devices of all shapes, sizes and types.

But beneath the waves at King Neptunes Casino there is something rather worrying. This isn’t too big a deal to gamers who play for their love of the slots, but it is to those gamers that are seeking a large pile of cash for their loyalty in signing up to the online casino site. King Neptunes Casino is far below the waves when it comes to their welcome bonus, and it is so common that it might be lost at sea, deep down in the abyss when compared to other online casino sites.

King Neptunes Casino

Registering at King Neptunes online casino will guarantee a player a match deposit welcome bonus, and a one hundred percent one at that. But the matched bonus is only valid up to one hundred dollars. Now whilst this is certainly fair and more than worth your time if you’re simply seeking to play online slots in a stable environment, it does not suffice for the average gamer. Again there is nothing wrong with a one hundred percent match deposit bonus valid up to one hundred dollars, in and of itself. It is just that this happens to be the only bonus that is on offer at King Neptunes Casino. Without a larger match deposit bonus, or additional bonus, even loyalty points, there is simply no reason for gamers seeking the thrill and excitement of online slots to play there over some of the larger more bonus offering online casino sites.

That being said, there are many online gamers out there who are not remotely interested in bonuses. These online casino fanatics are after great games with massive jackpots, and fortunately, both of those can be found in abundance at King Neptunes Casino. Players who are in it for the love of the game will also find a number of tournaments that are on offer at the online casino site, which greatly enhances its desirability amongst the keenest of online slots players.

But for the vast majority of gamers out there, the types of gamers (and they are many) that like nothing more than acquire a big thick wad of cash when they sign up to an online casino site, perhaps King Neptunes Casino will be overlooked. Neptune is supposed to rule the waves, but how can you control the waves, when you can’t even control your bonuses?


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