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October 25, 2014

Leak in aquarium causes the closure of casino at Gulfstream Park


GulfStream Park (Racing & Casino)A leak at Gulfstream Park forced the closure of a casino this week as water from its 13,000 gallon aquarium damaged the first and second floors of its casino. Gulfstream Park’s giant saltwater aquarium is over thirteen feet fall and is much visited by guests who play on the casino’s second floor.

Home to twelve different types of fish and sharks the aquarium in Hallandale Beach, Florida began leaking on Sunday at midnight, causing damage to both the first and second floors of the building. Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino closed their doors following the leak although on the bright side, the sheer amount of water in a 13,000 aquarium did leave relatively less than damage than might have been expected from such a colossal tank.

Work has been ongoing to clear up the mess according to sources, although Mike Couch who is the director of gaming at the resort stated that he couldn’t say when the casino would reopen or indeed how much the cleanup effort would cost.

The leak is believed to have occurred when a seam burst open in the aquarium’s tank, which then led to over 10,000 gallons (over three quarters of the tanks capacity) of water spilled out onto the second floor of the casino.

The casino’s aquarium – which is a cylinder in design – at thirteen feet high with a thirteen foot diameter held sharks, puffer fish with many more varieties of tropical fish inside it. After the aquarium burst it is believed casino employers flooded the scene to attempt to stem the leakage with towels and anything else they could find from the bar. The three thousand gallons remaining in the tank was reportedly enough to keep the fish alive long enough or the casino owners to rescue them and remove them to the safety of the resort’s headquarters.

Whilst various other sectors of the Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino resort continued business as usual, the casinos on the first and second floor were closed. The buffet, simulcast area, dining rooms and shopping centers went on with business as usual.

As of this moment, the future of the aquarium is up in the air. Until it can be discovered just what caused the aquarium to structurally fail, there will be no call as to whether or not it will be replaced or removed from the resort. It is thought however, that the two casinos will be open for business much sooner than earlier expected.


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