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November 1, 2014

London Poker Festival to continue the spread the image of the city


London Poker FestivalJust days after the conclusion of the London 2012 Olympic Games, which showed off London’s beauty, history and culture beautifully in the two week games; the city is ready to serve up another major event and dazzle us once more – this time with the London Poker Festival.

The London Poker Festival is one of the world’s largest poker related events, containing nearly eighty individual events as well as a sizeable eight main events throughout the one month festival. Kicking off on the first of September and running until the 30th of September, the London Poker Festival offers players the opportunity to spend time at poker seminars, attend poker parties, and of course, play multiple events spread throughout and across the city of London itself.

Organized by Bluff Media, the London Poker Festival might not be able to outshine the Olympics in terms of a global audience, but they will certainly attract some of the best the world poker circuit has to offer during the month-long event.

The 12th of September will see the first of the big main events at the Casino at the Empire. The LCI Poker Tour runs for two days here, with a total prize pot of £50,000 for the £200 + £20 event.

Whilst the LCI Poker Tour goes on, the thirteenth of September sees the Unibet Open kick off at Aspers in Stratford. The €1,500 + 15 NHL event promises to bring with it all the thrills and spills of numerous parties and entertainment events that usually accompany said tournaments.

The same day will also see the Big Bluff’s Club’s Big Five-O tournament begin. This 50,000 starting stack and fifty minute clock promises much excitement, with a £200 freeze out and £50,000 up for grabs guaranteed.

On the 17th of September the action moves to the HMS President on the River Thames for a star studded evening at the British Poker Awards. Awards voted by the public and by a panel will be handed out to recognize the best of British Poker and all those who have contributed to it. Tickets to this event are open to the public and cost £20 each, and can be found on the British Poker Awards website.

The 20th sees the GUKPT Main Event roll into the Vic, with several side events accompanying this three day tournament. The English Poker Open returns after a three year absence to the Fox Poker Club, running for three days from the 18th until 21st and is offered a £250,000 prize pot; before the month long festival closes out with the Western September Festival at W3, and the twelfth leg of theSuperstack Tour comes to a head at the Bluff – Mint Card Room.

A month of poker fun, and you get to visit London for a second time this summer. How can any player with a card up their sleeve say no?


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