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May 25, 2020

Malaysian authorities show the iron fist in the capital


Malaysian coat of armsThree successful gambling raids in Malaysia this week managed to catch twenty six suspects including two women all arrested over online gambling it has been reported. Whilst gambling for the most part is legal in Malaysia, online gambling is strictly forbidden and along with the twenty six suspects, up to forty two computers have been confiscated by local police in the raids.

The raids occurred in the capital of Malaysia's third largest state Pahang, in the city of Kuantan. Kuantan is the ninth largest city in Malaysia and has been heavily reported of late as being a major hub for illegal gambling.

The suspects, aged between twenty and forty years of age have been arrested for online gambling activity and Sampornak Ismail, the Police Assistant Superintendent is quoted as saying that the suspects were caught red-handed. All twenty six suspects are now believed to be facing criminal punishment under Malaysia's Common Gaming House Act of 1953.

In his speech regarding the matter, Mr. Ismail stated that he would permit the raids the continue and mount further pressure on illegal gamblers by having electricity and water to those premises were online gambling was occurring switched off.

Since the beginning of 2012, one hundred and forty seven raids have been conducted within Malaysia, leading to the arrests of over seven hundred and fifty suspects and the confiscation of over 1,500 computers.

It has been reported that the raids were conducted following a series of tip-offs from locals in the vicinity of the illegal gambling house. The legitimacy of those claims was established as local police appeared at the house in civilian clothing under the guise of local punters interested in the operation.

A similar raid last September was also down to tip-offs from locals. In that particular raid twenty eight computers were taken and eleven people aged between thirty and forty years of age were arrested.

Many of the premises that have been raided since then have been raided before, indicating that the police aren't nabbing everybody when they conduct their raids. It is thought that the few illegal gamblers who escape the enclosing nets during the raids, simply return at a later date and carry on where their colleagues left off.

These “cyber-cafés” as they are sometimes called have been illegally offering online gambling in addition their normal functions. This week’s raids, known collectively as operation “Ops Dadu” has proven to illegal gamblers that there is no escape from the authorities, and that the police are cracking down hard on those offering illegal gambling services.

Author: Jeff Grant (info)


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