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October 25, 2014

Maryland back to where they started, thinking more at the profits that online gambling could generate for the State


Maryland's democrat house speaker Michael Erin Busch (District 30)A couple of weeks ago it would have seemed almost unthinkable that Maryland could alter their stance on their position concerning online gambling in the state. The likelihood of this happening one would have thought to be practically zero, especially given Maryland’s tough and rigorous stance on gambling in the months following the announcement from the DOJ (Department Of Justice) that only sports betting should be considered illegal.

And yet, less than year on, here we are again with Maryland and this time the state lawyers are genuinely and seriously considered overruling their previous stance and performing the most remarkable u-turn yet seen in the saga since the Department Of Justice announcement last December.

Perhaps what makes the potential u-turn even more remarkable is the fact that just a few months prior the reports of Maryland having a potential change of heart, they were prosecuting those tied with online gambling.

Bodog – one of the larger online sportsbooks, casinos and poker sites was seized by Maryland, who also arrested Calvin Ayre – the CEO and founder of the company – along with three of his top executives.

Michael Busch, the house speaker has told lawmakers that today’s vote will determine whether or not they should press ahead with plans to legalize online gambling in the state. The primary reason for doing so would be to allow Maryland to remain in direct competition with her surrounding neighbor states. Also thought to be top of the list of priorities when the house discusses these events today is expected to be a plan of what could possibly go wrong with the scheme. The potential consequences of legalizing online gambling in Maryland will no doubt be a part of this debate as it has always been a major sticking point for opponents of the legalization of online gambling.

The voters in Maryland have long been in favor of legalizing gambling in the state and their opinion is likely to be widely counted when the case is discussed later today. The ultimate argument of those in favor of legalizing online gambling is certainly the new forms of income that Maryland would receive in general. Whilst this proves to be the major argument for most states which now wish to adopt online gambling or even gambling in general within their states there is still one roadblock in the way.

Should the lawmakers manage to pass a bill stated their intent to legalize online gambling in Maryland, it will still have to be cleared and approved by the resident’s vote which could take place as early as November. It appears as though it is going to take more than a couple of lawmakers to complete one of the biggest u-turns in US gambling history.


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