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October 25, 2014

Massachusetts Casinos Debate Commences


The Debate Over Casinos in MassachusettsCurrently, Massachusetts has seen itself undergoing a debate based on casinos. The debating commenced in the Massachusetts legislature based on a new push in bringing 3 Vegas style casinos along with a slot machine parlor to the state. It is believed that with this step, new jobs will be created and additional tax revenues will be increased thus improving the economy as well as the living standards of Massachusetts citizens. While this is the case, there are two groups involved about the pushing of these casinos i.e. the proponents who are in support of the pushing and opponents who are not supporting the idea due simply because they fear that crime as well as poverty will increased for several residents in the state.

According to Joseph Wagner who is the representative in this debate as well as the lead sponsor of the bill, he proclaimed aloud that he does not delight in gambling or even give a damn about it but he cannot easily ignore hundreds of jobs as well as millions of dollars in revenue from taxes.

There are so many people that the bill passage will push through due to the fact that a majority of residents in Massachusetts are leaving the state with ample gambling dollars without having the necessity of going to Rhode Island, Atlantic City among others. All the residents can do is to sit and see if the bill will be passed so that they can be able to enjoy all that comes with casinos in terms of revenue and jobs as well.

As this goes on, opponents are still working hard to ensure that this does not push through by citing the usual objections. They are using perfect examples of states that have taken time to legalize casinos, which has later on caused the emergence of crime, high suicide rates as well as the increase of other social ills. As this is not enough, there are other opponents who consider legalizing of casinos as a way of undercutting traditional draw of Massachusetts. They also diminish the natural beauty as well as beaches. These facts are making the opponents to pray hard so that the bill does not get to be passed thus legalizing of the Vegas style casinos to be brought to the state.

Massachusetts is not the only state that is looking forward to have advanced gambling activities as a way of improving its budgets, there are some other states following the same trend such as Nevada, New Jersey as well as California. All these states have one thing in common and that is, they have been taking online gambling measures into consideration for the past one year so that they can be able to plug holes in their declining state revenues brought about by the recession in the US. While this is the case, Massachusetts residents are all hopeful that it pushes through so that they can have their own casinos where they can get direct revenues and at the same time get jobs that can help them in improving their living standards.


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