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October 13, 2013

Microgaming breaks into the Swedish online gambling


microgaming fits into Swedish market through Kombispel and Genera NetworksMany Swedes will be over the moon to hear this piece of online gambling news. This week, Microgaming has launched a brand spanking new service with Swedish online gambling operator Kombispel to produce a new online gambling site in unison with Swedish local game provider Genera Networks.

Until now, Swedish online gamblers have had to rely on home grown games when it comes to gambling on a typically native and Swedish based online gambling site, with the great majority of Swedish online gamblers opting to visit other worldwide online casinos and bingo sites to get their fix. The new deal however is aimed at established some of Microgaming’s top products (which many Swedes will already be familiar with) into a Swedish site.

The deal doesn’t extend entirely down to Microgaming’s extensive online slots catalogue, with smaller Swedish online games producers such as Genera Networks maintaining the rights to produce those sorts of games. Instead Microgaming has landed a deal with Kombispel to offer their bingo, lottery and scratch cards service products to the Swedish gambling scene.

Bingo, lottery and scratch cards are all massively popular in the Scandinavian company and almost every supermarket and corner shop carries lottery, keno, scratch cards. In the online world, bingo is added to this list too with Maria Bingo being a particular favorite amongst the Swedes.

The addition of online lotteries, scratch cards and bingo is almost certainly going to be seen as a massive step in the right direction for the online gamers in the country. Kombispel does have dominion over lotteries in the country, and is a state regulated lottery, but other than that the Swedish gambling laws can be viewed as quite well regulated.

The move is to see all Genera Network online gambling sites afforded access to Microgaming’s three key products that none or few other Swedish online games companies produce the aforementioned bingo, lottery and scratch card games.

Rickard Stromberg, who is the Genera Networks director is delighted with the deal and stressed that the offer allows them to branch out into the market with Microgaming’s successful range of lottery-style games behind them. Mr. Stromberg also expressed a wish to broaden the market and take advantage of gaps in the Swedish market itself.

Similarly, the chief executive officer for Microgaming, Roger Raatgever expressed his own delight with the deal; stating that now Microgaming have opened a doorway, a “portal” in his own words, into Sweden and the Swedish gambling market.

The new Microgaming games are available for Swedish players right now at Genera Network sites, and early indications show that the new titles are immensely popular with the northern Europeans.


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