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November 17, 2013

Microgaming & Quickfire to discuss present and future


QuickFireMicrogaming has a reputation for being a ground-breaking company, not they have done something completely different which is also a ‘first-of-its-kind’; Quickfire games are a division of Microgaming software (read more), and they have hosted a conference for online gambling operators, and their development partners. The conference took place as an open forum, where the platform was discussed.

Held at the Fontwell Park Racecourse conference centre, West Sussex; this two-day conference attracted more than forty operator delegates as well as twelve development associates. This cutting-edge technology is proving to be extremely popular with both operators and developers across multiple software platforms. Its speed and adaptability is nothing short of rocket science really.

The open forum format of this online gambling conference, worked well to offer knowledge from QuickFire technical experts. It also provided an opportunity for participants to network and contribute to the overall strategy of the Quickfire platform. There were breakaway sessions, classroom presentations, and workshops held at the event.

Key topics for discussion included independent software development, as well as open platform systems. But the highlight of the event was the much anticipated ‘Development Partner Software Development Life Cycle’. This was where the QuickFire team illustrated what criteria were required to make for a successful development partnership in an online gambling team. In other words the ideal synergy needed between all partnership players.

Ashley Sandyford-Sykes, who is the spokesperson for Quickfire; said they were thrilled with the results from the event, which was a resounding success. The product was identified as the “open platform of choice”, and it also highlighted all parties concerned to one-another’s needs. One thing that was determined for certain, was a cohesive belief that quality and innovation in gaming content should be a continued focus.

Both Microgaming and Quickfire lead the way, and believe that barriers are meant to be broken. As an online gambling industry first, this event has broken barriers. Its success suggests that more conferences of the same calibre will be welcomed by online businesses with their focus on Internet gambling, and the Quickfire team is looking forward to doing just this.

Betsson attended, represented by Henrik Holmgren, Richard Swann was there from Unibet; Stuart McCarthy from BetClic and Gary Wimbridge of Sky Betting; all sat on the operator panel. These industry experts agreed that “the event was a refreshing approach to supporting the delivery of innovative new gaming content to the market, in which QuickFire has clearly taken the lead.”

We regularly see in news items, that this product is being taken up by more operators on a very regular basis. It offers a portfolio of close to two-hundred games; many of the games that Microgaming ‘bespoke’ clients only have access to. By means of using the Quickfire open platform system, no longer only bespoke Microgaming platform clients are able to access these gambling games.


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