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October 25, 2014

Nevada Creates Online Gambling Requirements


The map of NevadaState officials in Nevada have put together a list of online gambling regulations. Some of the topics addressed in the regulation are requirements for registrations, proper methods for solving disputes, internal management procedures, licensing issues and requirements for applicants. Even though the Federal Government has not yet legalized online gambling officials in Nevada feel that they should have a draft of gambling guidelines already drawn up prior to the Fed's official decision. Nevada will be looking to authorize and oversee online gambling when the necessary changes in the gambling rules have been made.

Gaming officials in the state, including casino operators want to maintain their top dog status in the industry and hope this will allow them to do just that. This is the main cause for them to take this preliminary step. On September 26th, 2011 an administrative seminar will be available to the general population. This will provide folks the opportunity to suggest any amendments to the bill. Naturally though, like everyone else, they are required to wait until the Federal Government legalizes online gambling before these rules can take effect.

The Chairman of the Gaming Board feels they have the technology necessary to guarantee officials will be able to manage and oversee businesses providing online gambling. Gambling taxation rules in Nevada are already established. Online gambling will be taxed the same amount as the state's traditional casinos.

There will be restrictions in place regarding exactly which types of games will be available. Games that allow players to compete against other players will be allowed. However, games requiring players to bet against the casino will not be permitted. This eliminates blackjack, roulette or craps.

Various other states have also started to put together online gambling rules and regulations in hopes of generating profit. California, for one, had begun its list of regulations but later decided to postpone its creation until 2012. Washington D.C. had also drafted a bill. Local lawmakers there are concerned with the fact that it would be confined within the state and therefore would not attract as many players. The primary concern is that many betting tables would, as a result, be left unoccupied.

Nevada's own regulatory draft does not specify that on line betting will be kept within the boundaries of the state. Be that as it may, as long as the Federal Government prohibits interstate online gambling all states will be required to keep activity within their respective state borders.

It is still up in the air as to whether the Federal Government will make online gambling legal in the U.S. As far as Nevada is concerned they are ready, willing and able to make online gambling a welcome part of the Nevada gambling experience.


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