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Middlesbrough Wagers on a New Casino Complex to Boost Local Economy


Map of Middlesbrough (England)

In recent years, large adult gaming entertainment complexes have become a hot commodity throughout many parts of Europe. In England, seven such complexes have been built and licensed throughout the country. Based on most any metric a person would want to use, each endeavor has been very successful, especially from a financial perspective.

With that in mind, Belle Rock Entertainment and Jomast Developments were very pleased to announce they had received approval and licensing to move forward with the development of a new gaming complex in Middlesbrough, England. Plans for this super complex are said to include several name branded hotels, restaurants, gift shops, entertainment facilities, bars and lounges, and a huge multi-level casino and parking garage area. The project is anticipated to come in at around a budget of twenty five million pounds.

The proposed site for this new complex is located on the vacant Gurney House property that sits within the city limits. In order to sell the project to local residents, Bell Rock set out on a public relations campaign to explain all the benefits local residents would derive from having a super casino complex in their backyard.

As should be expected, many of the benefits revolve around reviving a struggling local economy that has been hit hard by the recession that is taking its toll on cities and countries throughout the world. The building of this property is expected to include using the services of local developers and construction personnel. Once the complex is finished and ready to be put into service, hundreds of local residents will have the opportunity to secure good paying jobs in a economic environment where available jobs are scarce. As for as local merchants are concerned, these super casino complexes have proven to be very popular with tourist from other countries. A boost is tourism in the local area will provide a huge increase in revenues and the hiring of employees to support local growing business concerns.

In every region where a super casino has been built since 2005, the local economy has been given a big boost. This new endeavor might take as long as two years to complete, but once the facility is opened for business, it is anticipated that any concerns currently being registered by local residents will be answered and put to bed. Of course, the British government also stands to benefit from the development in the form of increased tax revenues from gaming operations. As major projects go, this one figures to be a win-win for everyone involved.