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New Casino Games Additions on Platinum Play


Play at 'Turtley Awesome' Video SlotPlatinum Play, one of the most acclaimed casino gambling sites, has introduced new side games to its existing games. Players who love slots are finding these games exciting and critics argue that this is the beginning of the competition that is going to rise among online casinos. With the influx of casinos, it is little wonder that each casino is trying its best to outdo the other. Some of the games introduced by the casino include video slots, scratch cards and pub style slots alongside other casual games. The site has designed these games as a means of ensuring that players get an entertaining distraction that can keep them busy in between some of the popular games found on the site.

Among the games been released by Platinum Play Casino, two are scratch card and these are known as Hairy Fairies and Turtley Awesome. The objective of this game is to ensure that three out of the 9 fairies and turtles are matched appropriately. It is an exciting games and one that is likely to keep players mind engaged and refreshed before they can start another game. Pub style slot comes with Billion dollar Gran as well as lucky Darts. These have three screens and the main reel is known to have some screen games on either side.

Critics have defined the Billion Dollar Gran icon as one that would normally be associated with grandmother, knitting needles, teacups and bowls among others. Apart from this, the site has also introduced a video feature, which is known to activate three matching bowls that are found along the pay line. Platinum Play has also gone a step further to introduce some new games and these include Harvey’s Slot Machine, Don Deal and Big Break Slot Machine.

Play at 'Hairy Fairies' Online SlotWith Harvey’s Slot machine, you get traditional five reels and some twenty-five pay lines. However, this is not all there is to the game since it comes with a spin feature that is free and some multiplier option. For the purpose of ensuring that players win, the player must match the available snail with champagne icons. Don Deal is the other new game found in Platinum Play and it comes with three reels and one pay line that have cash stack and some wild icon. Players have to spin the slot machine in order to win. Also known as 3 wheeler games this has been ranked among the casual game section and instead of the common dice, it is centered on the three wheels. What is more, bets will be carried out in accordance to the existing players and those who want to match up to the bets they win.

The introduction of these games on Platinum Play has raised the stakes for the casino and it is expected that they are going to maintain this standard. With the increasing competition among online casinos, this is the only way to ensure that they up their game and maintain the players they have while at the same time, attracting more players.