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May 28, 2020

New Jersey - All is ready to legalize mobile horse race betting


Ronald Stanley DancerHorse racing in New Jersey could be ready to ride very shortly, as the authorization needed to make the gambling game legal all rests on the governor signing the paperwork. Technically speaking, horse racing itself has been legal for a long time now, just wagering on it has not, specifically from a mobile gambling device – which the new paperwork would most certainly legalize.

As we write, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s signature is the only thing standing before the legalization of mobile betting for horse races. It is however, widely expected that the governor will sign the changes, permitting mobile horse race betting to become legal, along with a string of other changes made the online gambling in the US state.

Bill 2610 by the Assembly has been sponsored by Ron Dancer and has already been classified as approved state and assembly legislature after getting the go ahead from both departments. Bill 2610 specifically deals with the legalization of mobile betting on horse races, effectively legalizing the gambling method should it come to pass; and it is thought to.

Under the new laws, New Jersey residents will be able to have a punt on any number of horse races, betting through their mobile phones or tablets at specific points of the indoor and outdoor regions of a horse track. Because of this limitation however, it is thought that they might not be able to wager from their homes, or on other horse races, as you would physically have to be within range for the application to work. A similar experiment has already been touted for other states, and is already run successfully in Las Vegas, Nevada – where land based casinos permit you to bet online through your mobile device, provided you are within the compounds of the resort (hotel and casino).

Also part of the bill is the possibility to stream the races live to mobile gaming devices, as well as allow them to see continually updated race odds, and results. This will need to be ratified by the New Jersey Racing Commission as well as developed with a software producer.

Should this revolutionary new bill come to pass and be approved by the New Jersey Governor, it is widely though that it will open the floodgates so to speak, for other types of online and mobile gambling games to become legal too. Not just in the state of New Jersey mind, but the entire United States. Thought admittedly, most of these opinions are fears from anti-gambling groups.

New Jersey might be the first to legalize horse racing on mobile gambling devices, but make no mistake; there are others considering the approach too, and perhaps all they need is too see how it pans out in the Garden State.

Author: Jeff Grant (info)


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