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October 25, 2014

New Jersey plans to dismiss sports betting at college level


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, about college gamesAs the situation in the United States regarding online gambling is slowly starting to iron itself out, New Jersey has taken their turn to make their feelings known on the issue of the hotly debated and highly controversial sports betting issue.

Almost one year ago, the Department of Justice (DOJ) in the United States declared that under the Federal Wire Act, online gambling shouldn’t be deemed illegal, though that sports betting should be. Since last year, almost every state has being making plans to either permit online gambling, some forms of it, or forbid it in their state. Sports’ betting however has remained a more difficult issue to resolve.

Some U.S. states have permitted sports betting in some sense, which would go against the Federal Wire Act, although the federals agencies don’t seem to be too interested even in this anymore. Las Vegas has permitted sports betting as have some other eastern coast states, New Jersey however, as an alternative plans.

Although New Jersey does indeed plan to legalize online betting, at the same time they plan to impose a ban on state-wide New Jersey college games. College games in other states however, will be on the table for wagering on. This bizarre plan has seen Major League Baseball (MLB), the NCAA, the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) all challenge the decision in the United States courts. They are citing hypocritical and unfair treatment.

Current estimates predict that up to three hundred and eighty billion dollars a year will be wagered on sports games in New Jersey alone next year. And with that, the reasons behind New Jersey’s decision to accept sports betting with the exclusion of New Jersey state games become a little clearer.

Since the change in the US gambling laws, internet casinos will undoubtedly crop up across all of their neighboring states, and in New Jersey itself, seeing a decrease in the amount of revenue Atlantic City (the second largest casino hotspot in the United States) receives. This has already begun to occur, and so with sports betting approved in the Garden State, it is highly likely that total taxable revenues will soar again.

New Jersey’s plan to permit sports betting could hit a roadblock though, as federal agencies plan to limit sports betting to only four states in the country. With Las Vegas certainly one of those, and many other states vying for the honor, New Jersey could be out of luck. New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie however has promised to proceed with his plan to permit sports betting in the state. Albeit without New Jersey states games being amongst them.


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