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October 25, 2014

New Mega Moolah for Smartphones at 7 Sultans Casino


7sultans casino - logo7 Sultans Casino has in the recent times released several new gaming options for their customers. The Casino has over the years offered a free $50 to any new account holder once they register. Recently released was a promotion that had a very fascinating conclusion. Many of the customers dubbed the promotion a success and encouraged the management to come up with such innovative ideas in the future. Well that has not taken longer than a month. The Casino is now rolling out the all Mega Moolah Slots, a mobile phone game that will be available on Smart Phones.

The Casino which is powered by Microgaming, a giant and popular online gaming software provider rolled out the new game in order to cater for the ever increasing client base. Mega Moolah Slots uses the Android Platform and offers the best jackpot prize slot games. The new game has been introduced into the already fascinating game menu that has included the popular slots, Blackjack which is offered in a few different styles of play and rules, the spin and play roulette wheel, the baccarat, craps, video poker and other types of table games.

The most notable advantage of the game is of course the fact that if you own a smartphone then you can play it at whichever time and place you please. The Android Platform application is compatible with several models of the smartphones in the market currently. Some of the models that will allow you to access this new gaming platform include the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and the HTC Flyer. Each time you play Mega Moolah you have a very good chance of winning four jackpot prizes. All you need to do is hit the right combinations. You will also be able to access a wide variety of other online casino games and win numerous prizes any time you choose to play using your smartphone. Very many people are rushing to the market to purchase smartphones so that they can experience the thrilling experience offered by the new game.

Mega Moolah for Smart PhonesSpeaking during the launch of Mega Moolah, the Head of Gaming and Operations at the 7 Sultans Casino praised the features of the new game saying this was a big step forward for the Casino. He retaliated the desire and resolve of the Casino to continue providing first time experiences for the customers.

He also promised that plans were at an advanced stage to launch a new promotion for the first timers. The promotion set to run in the next one month would see winners of different Blackjack games pocket hefty prizes and bonuses at their initial deposit. In addition, present at the launch was last month's winner of the roulette wheel promotion who pocketed close to 3 million dollars.

The 7 Sultans Casino is one of the greatest online casinos and is known to house large number of gamblers. The casino's design is marvelous and quite appealing to any first timer. It is also quite simple and easy to learn. The Casino promises everyone a gaming option that offers lots of thrill and fun.


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