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October 25, 2014

NetEntertainment Partnership With Ireland bookmaker Boylesports


Net Entertainment - BoylesportsNet Entertainment is one of the gaming software companies that are continuing to make a very good name in the online gambling industry as a best of breed. A recent new partnership with Boylesports sees them delighted to make the announcement, and so they should be delighted, Boylesport just so happens to be the largest independent bookmaker in Ireland.

This agreement will solidify the portfolio of games already offered by the brand and Keith O’Loughlin – CEO – commented that they are innovating across all of their gaming products. One of the reasons they have partnered with software developers Net Entertainment, is because they are a company who produces top quality content.

Boylesport is currently involved in a drive to focus on online delivery, and this has become a top priority for the company, as it has for many UK gambling firms. They believe they have identified the ideal partner in Net Entertainment, and we have no argument with that, we have always been a fan of the brand; preferring it even above Microgaming.

Boyles believe their customers deserve a cutting-edge entertainment experience and see this partnership as being the start of a long as well as rewarding relationship. They are also expecting real growth after the fact, and across all platforms.

This partnership cements Net Entertainments position in the UK online gambling market-space more than ever before, and Net Entertainment CEO, Per Eriksson said “We are very excited to become Boylesports gaming and casino content partner.” They are confident that their games will be well received.

While we are speaking about Net Entertainment games, you might also like to know that another newbie has been released. This is a slot, and it should go close to the bone with Kung Fu fans; their latest offering is…right…themed on Kung Fu, and called ‘Thunderfist™’. You too can feel like a Samurai warrior with so many ways to win.

The game features 243 bet ways, Free Spins, Stacked Wilds, and up to a 5 x multiplier. It offers perfectly rendered arcade-style animations, and offers players an action-packed, reel-spinning, bamboo forest adventure. Join in the fun and games with the Kung Fu crew and take on the reel wizard – this is the Stacked Wild - imagine 5 Stacked Wilds on the reels? Will you be the next reel warrior?

Also relatively new to Net Entertainment partnered slots is a true crime thriller, and they call this online slot ‘Scarface™’. It is a video slot brought about by cooperation with Universal© to bring a legendary icon of the silver screen to reel fame. This is part of the platinum offering, and offers no shortage of excitement.

To keep things a little more simple the game is based on the part of the film that everyone remembers – namely - the “Say hello to my little friend” shootout section. Players take on the role of Tony Montana during the last stand, and win coins for every kill! Take it from there to the bonus games.


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