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November 1, 2013

New poker site on social network is launched by Poker pro


Iveypoker.comA brand new online poker site was launched by online poker professional Phil Ivey last week. His new online poker site is a mixed hybrid of social gaming and professional poker play, in one of the first proper and successful blends of its type.

Entitled IveyPoker, the free poker site also offers lessons on how to play the world’s most famous card game, as well as provides gamers with all the latest news and happenings from the world of online poker and beyond. Naturally, there is poker to be played at the online site too, and Phil Ivey is currently in the process of recruiting an all-star international line up of poker players to assist gamers on the site. For those readers in the know about poker; Patrick Antonius, Jenn Harmon and Greg Merson are already signed up.

According the Phil Ivey, the website is designed to enhance poker player’s skills via their free play poker tournaments, and programmed lessons. As well as the learning programs, there will also be educational and instructional videos on the great game itself, and Mr. Ivy is promising to allow some of the more skilled of the students to play a hand or two against the best poker players in the world via the site.

Speaking on ESPN, Mr. Ivey added that his basic, most fundamental reason behind the move was to teach people how to become a professional winning poker player.

The news of Mr. Ivey’s new casino comes just weeks after he made headlines in London for different reasons altogether. The last time Phil Ivey appearing in the news it was because Crockford’s Casino in London had refused to pay out the eleven and half million dollar jackpot to Mr. Ivey after accusing him and a female companion with him, of cheating on a high rolling Punto Banco game.

After consulting with the appropriate authorities, Crockford’s who are owned by the Genting Casino business are now studying hour after hour of CCTV footage and questioning the employees at the casino itself. At present, there have been no words forthcoming on the matter from either Mr. Ivey or Crockford’s.

Ivey also made news shortly after the London incident by finally agreeing to settle a debt with Ram Vaswani, a British poker player. The bet was rumored to be over a game of golf and around the sum of nine hundred thousand dollars. Although Mr. Ivey won the game, Mr. Vaswani accused him of not correctly stating his handicap, and had no revealed his experience. The deal was settled last month, with Vaswani paying out a portion of the debt.


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