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October 25, 2014

Online Casino Slots Based on CSI


GTECH G2 - LogoCBS consumer Products have signed an agreement with GTECH G2, which offers it a multi-year license to develop a number of online games that are based on TV series CSI, CSI: New York and CSI Miami. The first game based on the American television series will be available before the end of 2011 at the casinos with GTECH G2 licenses in approved areas.

The CSI television series features a team of forensic investigators that are dedicated in collecting and analyzing the evidence in their high tech albeit dimly lit laboratories in order to solve murders. The series was first launched in 2000 and has become one of the most popular shows all over the world. It has also won the International Television Audience Award for Best Television Drama Series.

GTECH is a company that has been providing gaming software that are interactive as well as services and 'end to end' solutions for various games including Sports betting, poker, casino, instant games, skill games as well as systems for back office management for both state-run and commercial operators. It works with a number of partners that offer them the innovative software, and gaming systems, trading solutions that are applicable throughout the enterprise and the internet games to various stakeholders such as the media and other brands. The company is known for their user friendly range of products that has gained popularity over the years, making it earn more operators and players.

GTECH G2 understands that the viewers love an intriguing mystery that involves DNA traces, finder prints as well as characters with alibis that are shady. The agreement with CBS Consumer Products will allow them to integrate the features of the series, complete with the suspense and the intrigue into their games so that they provide their players and the CSI fans all over the world the chance to be thrilled. This is per the statement of the Vice President of the Gaming products at GTECH G2.

GTECH G2 is also known to have released a number of casino games that are based on different license brands such as The Reel Deal, Sherlock Holmes games for slots as well as Chippendales. Early in the year, the company previewed their slot games based on a popular video game called Plants VS Zombies, which are soon to be released, at the ICE on London.

This is most likely to start a trend in the Industry as many developers are looking for some of the most popular and internationally renowned series that can be integrated into a gaming platform in order to offer their players enhanced gaming experiences and the operators a chance of gathering more players and more revenue. This will be a great chance to the developers as they will be able to avoid alienating some of their potential players as the players will be more familiar with the show that they love. Lovers of online casinos and Fans of CSI will have chance to experience the intrigue and thrill of playing their favorite slot game based on their favorite television series.


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