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October 25, 2014

Online Casinos Gaining Popularity among Women


A Night Out - a video slot mostly for female audienceSince the invention of gambling, it has always been viewed as a preserve for the men and most women shy away from indulging in the same. Due to this fact, those women who used to gamble would stick to games that hold low stakes such as slots the lottery and bingo while men tried their hand at those with higher stakes and some of the trendy table games. With online gaming however, this attitude is shifting and at a fast pace. This is because the number of female online players is increasing rapidly and with each new dawn and establishment of new online casinos, this number continues to grow.

This is according to research that indicates more women are likely to log on to online casinos rather than visit a land based one. This has been linked to a variety of reasons. For starters, the online environment gives them a sense of comfort. This is because they get the opportunity to participate in some of the games considered a preserve of the men without being judged for the same. This increases their level of confidence and this has proved to work wonders in making them better players than their male counterparts at times.

Due to the anonymity associated with online casinos, women are able to feel more confident and less intimidated by the high number of male players. It is precisely due to this reason that the number of female players seems to be increasing when it comes down to land gambling. This is because as they get to play more and compete with their counterparts, they become more certain about the moves they make and this gives them the confidence to come face to face with their counterparts. As a matter of fact, in the last couple of years, the number of women who have taken part in World Poker Tour as well as the World Series of Poker players is recorded to have increased tremendously. Most of these have gotten their wings by playing online.

In the past, most of the ads advertising online casinos used to feature women showcasing cleavages. However, this trend seems to be changing drastically as well. This is attributed to the fact that most online casino operators have started targeting women players and to this, they have to use the appropriate ads that will appeal to this fair sex that is becoming a force to reckon with as far as online gaming is concerned.

Another major difference that is noted in the manner these websites project themselves is the color scheme. In the past, they used to be very masculine but when you visit an online site that offering these games you will realize that most of them have changed the theme to be more gender sensitive. There are some websites which have fully embraced this new change and they are working towards ensuring that they deliver themes that are more female friendly. There is no doubt that there will be several other developments made in the online casino industry to continuously increase the level of comfort female players glean from playing online.


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