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Online Gambling situation in South Africa


The South Africa's Map​Online gambling is an area that can cause a lot of confusion for individual countries. Each of them has their own laws which need to be analyzed and applied to the world. South Africa is one of these countries that has the possibility of causing confusion since the situation is confusing as well. The government has discussed both legalization and regulation of SA online gambling in order to have it allowed for the country. The government has been laying low and taking their time when it comes to actually putting in motion the legality of it. Although the law has been allowed it remains illegal to gamble in the country which means any of the online casinos which offer services cannot allow individuals from South Africa to participate in their services.

Offshore gambling still happens even though it is illegal. Therefore, it needs to be stopped since it can cause undue hardship to the government of the country. Individuals who want to gamble online will need to wait until it becomes legal in the country. The central bank of the country, The Reserve Bank, suffers as a result of the continuous online gambling that has been going on. The much larger bank has given the burden to the smaller commercial banks which are found throughout the country. The Reserve Bank wants to use their influence to keep an eye on any of the transactions which are sent to the gambling companies located off of their shores.

The circular which has made these allegations and claims has not been proven to be true. The banks do not desire to be held responsible for these actions and although an official statement has not been made by them, their unhappiness has been noted. There is a lot of worry about how to track the credit card transactions and where they are coming from or where they’re going. They can be easily hidden and modified so no one is truly sure of what or where the money is going to. In order to try to track whether the funds are going to outside companies for online gambling expensive implementation would be required by the online gambling companies as well as the credit cards as well. The banks have all noted that it would not be worth the time or money to implement such a system.

The reason for the lack of inspiration to implement such a system is due to the fact that the legal status, or illegal status, is questionable since talks have been made frequently about how it functions. A reasonable doubt has not yet been established. Piggs Peak Casino, located nearby in Swaziland, argues that they are not offering services inside the country of South Africa and are not violating any laws as a result of this. Their gambling legislation laws are not valid. If courts decide that someone gambling online isn’t subjected to laws of the country, any efforts to squash the online gambling industry are futile and can be terminated since they will amount to nothing.