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November 1, 2014

Online Sportsbook in Nevada is named William Hill


William Hill SportsbookWilliam Hill online sportsbook, one of the most popular sports betting sites in the United Kingdom, with branches and online sports betting sites in several other leading countries has secured the coup of a lifetime in the online gambling world.

A recent meeting between the Nevada Gaming Commission decided that William Hill plc will be officially given a sports betting license in the state under the new altered online gambling laws in the United States.

William Hill, who had already acquired three online gambling licenses earlier in the year in the United States, and promised to invest $55 million into the project are now the first British online sportsbook to operate in the country.

The license, which will see William Hill able to offer sports betting to mobile gaming devices in Nevada has come as a shock to many in the online casino world. Should the ban on sports betting in the United States be revoked, William Hill would naturally be in a very powerful position to dominate such a market.

Ralph Topping, the chief executive at William Hill told Reuters that mobile gaming was rapidly expanding business and that being a part of it would add a new dimension to the renowned British sports book. The chief executive also went on to reveal some figures as his evidence for the rise of mobile gaming. Mr. Topping stated that a mere two years ago, William Hill took $1.5m a week from mobile sports betting. Now they are taking $25 million and more from the same platform. Last year, William Hill's total earnings were $1.7 billion, of which 28% came through online gambling.

Although William Hill have no guarantees that the sports betting ban will be lifted. Mr. Topping feels that by having a license ready to go in Nevada, should federal law change, William Hill will be the best placed company to take advantage of such a decision.

Brandywine Bookmaking and Delaware Sports Lottery are two of three licensing acquisitions that William Hill are now in control of in the United States, and William Hill are expected to continue this trend following the Nevada license, by acquiring more still. Indeed, Mr. Topping has already stated that William Hill have been approached by several more interested American companies.

This tops an exciting period for the British online sportsbook. William Hill has also been throwing their weight around in Europe attempting to gain licenses in the continent following the European Union's admission that they are going to crack down on unauthorized and unregulated gambling sites. Although William Hill are fully authorized in the United Kingdom, there have been one or two touchy issues involved in continental Europe, though these now seem to be at an end.


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