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October 25, 2014

Parx Casino Hit By a Child Abandonment Problem


Parx Casino fichesParx casino in Bensalem is facing a problem that seems unique only to the casino. Negligent adults visiting the highly successful casino are leaving children alone in vehicles. So far, the casino has seen ten such incidences since February 2010. The latest incident happened on Saturday and involved a 29 year man who was found to have locked his 6 year old daughter in a car at the casino parking. He was later arrested and jailed.

On Monday, another person was charged with the offence of endangering the welfare of children in a gambling related case. Frances Casey is said to have left her children unattended for over 17 minutes while she gambled at Parx. She too has already been charged with the offence and will be answering to police sermons.

Parx casino has on several occasions been ranked the best in revenues as compared to other best gambling halls in Pennsylvania. Responding to the problem the casino has increased its security to ensure that no further such incidences happen. This is a follow up to the security measures put in place last summer when cases of children being left in parked cars on the casino parking lot were first reported. The cases greatly angered the public since the kids were left to bake in the hot summer sun as the parents gambled. After the incident Parx casino installed cameras to monitor the parking area, installed signs and introduced police patrols to look out for people who could be having such behavior.

In an email response, Parx spokesman, Carrie Nork-Minelli said the casino had the highest level of security and surveillance hence they were able to identify the Saturday situation in a matter of minutes. The spokes person said the casino security team patrols the parking area every day hence to deal with that kind of behavior as well as any other behavior that is unlawful or inappropriate. Parx casino works closely with the area police to ensure that the offending behavior ends. It also emerged that the casino has instituted strict penalties against the offenders where they are permanently evicted from the casino. Nork-Minelli said the behavior was an act of irresponsible parenthood and the casino would do all in its power to ensure that such actions were dealt with effectively. She said the casino would provide the highest levels of security and surveillance possible to ensure that such anti social behaviors never got to be repeated.

Some gambling industry critics and counselors who deal with addiction said that the problem served to show the addictive nature of gambling. They said the Parx problem showed there was a bigger problem with addiction in the Gambling industry. Others differed with the idea saying over 95% of people who gambled had no problem with it. They only engaged in gambling as a form of entertainment and could easily control it. What is funny about the Parx problem is that no other casino in Pennsylvania had a problem of children being left in cars. So far eight people caught having left children in cars at Parx have had action taken against them.


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