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November 1, 2014

Philippines push for yet another new resort to boost Gambling


Melco Crown Entertainment logoIn the Philippines is all set for another casino resort to be opened up in the countries capital of Manila. The recent surge in gambling activity in the country, has sparked rumors that it could soon rival Las Vegas in terms of the sheer number of casinos built along a similarly designed gambling strip in the Asian country.

The latest casino operator to be interested in building a casino complex and resort in the Philippines is Melco Crown, who in collaboration with Manila local real estate development company Belle Corp, are planning on spending close to a billion dollars to get the project built.

Over the last few years many gambling giants have been looking into the possibility of opening up casino complexes in the Philippines with the principal idea being mooted of challenging Las Vegas for the world top gambling destination, or at the very least upstaging Macau, Asia’s current number one gambling hot spot.

Although the Filipino laws on gambling are somewhat harsh on their own citizens and gambling is still considered for the large part unwanted in the country, the move could very well go ahead. This is on the incentive that it will be foreign gamblers and tourists that will make up the majority of gamblers in the new casino, much like they have done elsewhere in the country at present.

The move is seen as key to for many online gambling companies, particularly Melco Crown as growth in gambling in the west appears to have somewhat stagnated of late, however in the Asia and the Far East gambling growth has shot up in the economy by roughly eight to ten percent last year alone.

Because the Philippine laws may be tough on gamblers, it is by no means an absolute plan for the new casino complex to go ahead. Melco Crown specifically are believed to only be interested in following where the gambling crowd goes, and as such Macau could still be an option, as could a move further away from the Asian continent where countries such as New Zealand and Australia might prove lucrative; particularly with the English speaking tourists from the West.

Despite this, online gambling is predicted to surge within the coming months and that could very well be the catalyst for such an expensive and profitable enterprise to go ahead in Manila. At present only time and patience will tell whether or not the project goes ahead; but if it isn’t Melco Crown’s casino complex, somebody else will inevitably move in, in their place.


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