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October 25, 2014

PKR brings technology to the top with multi-table Poker Tournaments


PKR.comOnline poker site PKR has recently announced that they are planning on launching a new multi-table tournament in the very near future. This new look tournament is aimed at pleasing a global audience on a daily basis with tables and options open for online poker players of every kind, whether they are amateurs or self-proclaimed professionals. It is being reported that this next generation online 3D poker site's new multi-table poker tournaments are to be so ingenious that nothing has ever been seen in the online poker world before that compares to it.

Amateur players will be delighted to hear that the new multi-table tournament from PKR is customized for them as well as expert poker players, and that novices will have the ability to wager in micro and low stakes from the very beginning. Australian and Canadian players are also likely to be thrilled to hear that the tournament is also customized for them too, with unique tournaments kicking off for players in both countries as a means of ensuring that players anywhere in the world can play at any time.

The tables themselves have been downgraded from ten seater to nine seater tables, though this shouldn't cause too much concern for players and PKR has announced that this change has been made to ensure that players have a vastly improved game experience. Next up on the list of changes for the PKR multi-table tournaments are the inclusion of themed poker nights. Several themed nights are planned in the near future at PKR, with team poker being touted as one possible example of such a night. In accordance with the themed nights, the daytime poker schedules will see special events somehow relating to theme of each poker night as they occur.

Neil Wright who is the poker room manager at PKR has stated that the decisions were made to upgrade and alter the scheduled poker tournaments after talking with the current players at the online poker site. He stressed PKR's need to continuously upgrade and entertain their customers and to make the tournaments more challenging. Although the current overhaul of the multi-table tournaments at 3D online poker site PKR are ongoing, it is not expected to be too long before the changes are finally implemented and the next generation of online poker tournaments can kick off at this wonderfully revolutionary online poker site.


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