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October 25, 2014

Platinum Play Casino Offers Great Promotions


The online gaming industry has become one of the most competitive groups on the Internet. As the number and quality of online casinos continues to increase by leaps and bounds, online casino operators are ramping up their site's promotional packages in an effort to gain a market share of new customers while keeping existing customers happy and satisfied.

In recent months, Platinum Play Casino has been advertising some really lucrative bonus offers. These are the kinds of offers that attract the attention of players from all over the world. Let's take a look at what's on the table at Platinum Play Casino.

New Player No Deposit Required Credits

- By simply registering with Platinum Play Casino, players are rewarded with an amazing 1500 free credit deposited into their bonus account after their first login. The truly great part about this promotion is that players can use their credits in any way they see fit. That's right. They can play table games, scratch cards, poker or slots for free until their credits run out. Of course, there are a few restrictions. At no time can the player withdrawal the 1500 credits from their account. Should they create a net profit above and beyond the 1500 credits, that amount is eligible for withdrawal. Two other caveats. Withdrawals of profits are restricted to $100 and the player is required to make a $20 deposit before initiating any withdrawals. That's the good and the bad.

Referral Bonus Program

Players can earn a $100 bonus by referring new players to Platinum Play Casino. The new player is required to deposit a minimum of $50 and make at least one qualifying wager in order for the referral fee to be paid. The referring player has 14 days to claim the bonus, starting from when the new player's account became registered.

Other Promotion

1500 free bets - No deposit required!

On an ongoing basis, Platinum Play Casino maintains a loyalty program that allows players to accumulate points based on their wagering. For every 1,000 point accumulated, the player earns a $1 rebate. By industry standards, this would be considered an average program at best. From time to time, the casino will also send out emails or post intermittent or seasonal promotions. These promotions usually revolve around free spins, free drawings for prizes and reload bonus opportunities. For more information regarding available promotions, players are encouraged to contact customer service at their earliest convenience. In all cases, terms and conditions need to be reviewed before claiming a bonus.

Try Platinum Play Casino today, to get these awesome promotions.


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