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Platinum still the most popular among online casino players


Platinum Play Online Casino was founded over seven years ago, and launched with the ideal of offering thrill seeking gamblers a reputable online-based casino experience where players would be able to enjoy thrills and excitement from the comfort and security of their own homes. Now, as it reflects upon its eight anniversary of launch, the Platinum Play Online Casino team has released some encouraging statistics as well as new announcements for its future.

The Fortune Lounge Group, of which the Platinum Play Online Casino is a subsidiary, announced that this online casino property was recently voted as the number one most entertaining and the number one most trusted online casino, according to a Dunniger-Kaddwaitch opinion poll. A sampling of the poll respondents gave reasons such as "...the friendly support staff", as well as some of "the most massive jackpots I have ever seen on an online casino". Other respondents cited the frequent weekly bonuses and easy to use interface as reasons why they returned to the Platinum Play Casino time and time again.

Platinum Play accept Canadian Players

The site prides itself on a wide variety of online games that bring the traditional world of casino to a player's web browser. The site boast dozens of slot machine type games, roundtable poker, blackjack, video poker, roulette, baccarat, keno and hundreds more, all available online twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The Platinum Play Online Casino also recently set an industry record, announcing that patrons now have over 400 different casino games to pick, truly offering something for everyone.

Continuing its tradition of having its virtual finger on the digital pulse of the online casino playing public, Platinum Play Online Casino announced its acquisition of an Australian themed game that combined slots and bingo to give players the best of both worlds!

Eschewing the staid and trite cherries, this game uses boomerangs. Matching a line of boomerangs across the various reels will set off a superb free spin mini-game where an unheard-of number free spins can be won. A staggering twenty five free spins can be had by the adventurous or the very lucky. As usual, every single game available on Platinum Play Online Casino is backed by the full force of the Fortune Lounge Group's "Player Promise" guaranteeing unparalleled security and resolving any issues swiftly and to the player's satisfaction.