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November 19, 2013

Poker Stars and Microgaming interested to buy more than a floor into the Hippodrome Casino


logo of the Hippodrome CasinoNews is rife this week that online poker site Poker Stars is set to buy into the Hippodrome Casino in London. According to all accounts a deal for the Hippodrome Casino by Poker Stars and Microgaming has yet to be struck, but is very much in the pipeline.

Although the full deal is not yet complete, Poker Stars has believed to have already purchased a minority share in the Hippodrome Casino. Details on the amount of percentage Poker Stars has acquired, the price they paid, and any further details relating to the purchase have remained for the moment, classified and unreleased.

The Hippodrome in London, which was purchased by Jimmy and Simon Thomas – two leading bingo enthusiasts and entrepreneurs –, had spent forty million pounds on the Hippodrome, after selling what remained of their bingo businesses. Following the renovation and building work, the Hippodrome now contains a top floor poker room that offers 24/7 poker games.

The top floor of poker rooms is where Poker Stars intend to start by next year. The idea is that Poker Stars will host a range of tournaments and other endorsements promoting their online poker site.

There is much more to the purchase than a simple top floor of poker games however. Microgaming plans to establish a permanent online casino on the premises, with an online poker site also situated there, run by the aforementioned Poker Stars. Just how exactly the online versions of the new upcoming Hippodrome Casino are to be reached by the fifty million people that use both Microgaming and Poker Stars websites is also, at this time undisclosed.

Simon Thomas, the son of Jimmy and the chairman of the Hippodrome Casino has released comments in the press that state that states that he is 'delighted to welcome Poker Stars and Microgaming into the Hippodrome in London', and is excited to see what happens when such a powerful online gambling presence as Microgaming and Poker Stars blend into a land based “bricks and mortar” casino like the Hippodrome.

Indeed, most readers of online gambling news, and players familiar with both Microgaming and Poker Stars are eagerly interested in the developments. Poker Stars have released a similar statement earlier in the week that stated they are equally as keen to start working with the Hippodrome, and that the reputations of both the online and land based casinos in questions should create something rather special for gambling in the United Kingdom.

As best as can be determined, everything should be up and running at the Hippodrome Casino in London from early next year.


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