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October 25, 2014

Poker Tracking software


How can a poker tracking software give you a clear picture of the type of players you are up against

Tracking Poker Software Online poker is a fast developing world with more players all around the world signing up and joining in with the online poker world. Some people find online poker extremely fun and do win and make themselves quite a large profit, but more serious gamblers often lose and sometimes online poker can become more of a game and more of a lifestyle.

One problem that many newcomer poker players experience is deciding which players to play against, as there are professional players out there who deliberately play against new players in order to maximize their own winnings. This can be a dreadful circle to get out of, but with practice you do get better.

Practice is not the only way that newcomers rise up through the online poker ranks, as there is now poker tracking software available that can help you to distinguish what sort of players you are playing against. This is a crucial part of playing poker as if you don’t know what sort of players you’re up against, you will lower your chances of winning.

Now maybe you’re new to the world of online poker and you’re curious as to how poker tracking software could help you? Well poker tracking software could help you dramatically by allowing you to see what the other player's statistics and playing tactics are, knowing this information could put you a cut above the rest.

Poker tracking software helps by showing you other player's statistics and their playing tactics. So you can always have a rough idea of what they might do next. Some of the playing tactics and statistics you’ll have access to include;


This statistic is extremely important as it’ll be able to tell you how often this player is flopping and if you’re aware of what winning statistics look like you’ll be able to distinguish as to whether you’ll be able to make money from this player or lose to this player. A winner's statistic would look between 18-25% whereas a loser's statistic would be something over 50%.


This is a raise pre-flop statistic and again, by knowing what winners and losers statistics look like will help you to determine what you’re winning odds are against other players. A winner's statistic would look like around 14-21% and a loser's statistic would look something like 40%.

Aggression Factor

This is not so much of a statistic but more of a factor and is rather simple to understand, as generally the higher the factor the more aggressive a player is and by aggressive it doesn’t mean violent, it means how likely the player is to keep raising. This is extremely important as you can work out what a player's character is like, and if they begin acting more passive then you can work out what sort of hand strength they have.

Overall, the amount of statistics and factors available are vast and could really help you to maximize your chances of winning a game. See also how works a poker odds calculator.


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