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October 25, 2014

Predictions reveal mobile gaming will continue to rise to generate up to $100 billion


Platinum Play mobile casinoMobile gaming could be worth an astonishing one hundred billion dollars within less than five years, according to the latest stats and predictions revealed by Juniper Research. Juniper Research – one of the major researching companies – in the United States have revealed their latest findings, coupled with a brief summary of how they envision the success and rise of the mobile gambling empire will occur.

At present mobile gaming is at an all time high, and with the technology (smartphones, etc) rapidly evolving at an unprecedented rate, the market has been flooded with opportunities for many new companies willing to take a risk and design new and improved online gambling software.

As the United States plans to relax some of their anti-gambling laws, it is predicted that the market will suddenly be blown wide open with the legal addition of several million new gamers over the course of the next few years in that country alone.

If this exciting prospect is in coordination with the rise the number of users playing games on social networking websites, via their handheld and portable mobile gaming devices, the industry could be worth a staggering $100,000,000,000 by 2017, just under five years from now.

In the American sector, the addition of interstate lotteries to the mobile gaming, and social networking sites could add yet even more value to the industry. In the research released by Juniper, they quite clearly identify three key reasons for their predictions to come true.

First up, the growth of mobile games would need to continue, which it is already doing at no small rate. New mobile games are added seemingly every day, and more and more users are becoming accustomed to playing games on their devices too.

Secondly, the technology would also need to continue to evolve. The worst thing for rapid growth is a settling of technology. As long as new devices, new ways of playing mobile games, and new sites and games continue to appear, the market will continue to flourish and players are always keen to have the very latest apps and mobile gaming devices.

Finally, Juniper Research believes that the ultimate fate of whether or not the mobile gaming market grows and reaches the predictions expected comes down to the legal side. If countries governments permit online gambling via mobile gaming devices completely or at least in some partial state then the industry will blossom.

If mobile gaming is likely to fail to meets these predictions, it is in all probability, likely to be the latter which stunts growth.

Mobile gaming rises predicted for 2016 (Juniper Research)


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