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October 25, 2014

Slot machines put another lucky record in Germany


Germany is among one of the most secure countries when it comes to economic issues. A good part of that comes from good fiscal management, plus a little luck. It would appear that some of that luck has spilled over into the laps of German residents who enjoy playing online non-progressive and progressive slot games.

While playing at the online casino – Casino Tropez, not one, not two, but three German players managed to hit big jackpots. The first player on the list goes by the login name of Sigrid. While playing Playtech's Marvel slot game Fantastic Four, Sigrid was randomly selected to play the Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot game. After selecting three like symbols from a matrix of 20 possibilities, Sigrid was awarded a jackpot of €81,973. The story doesn't end there. The following day, Sigrid was back playing Playtech's game Blade, another Marvel game. In an unbelievable twist of fate, he was again chosen at random to play the Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot game, this time banking a cool €93,462. After adding together all of his winnings for both August 16th and 17th, Sigrid was the winner of almost €235,000.

The fantastic four slot

During the rest of the week, German players were able to keep pounding video slots at the Casino Tropez. A player named Anja was the lucky winner of two massive jackpots while playing the non-progressive video slots Lotto Madness and Desert Treasure II. The returns on these two games were €73,559 and €50,257 respectively. When combined with other winnings, Anja walked away with more than €124,000 in cash.

Not to be outdone, another German player who went by the name Sven decided to forego video slots, instead choosing to play French Roulette. He apparently made the right choice as he continually hit winning spins until he had amassed €62,000 in earnings. With just these three players added into the mix, Germany hammered poor Casino Tropez for an estimated total of €411,000. That should be enough to keep the country financially stable for a few months. Just Kidding!

It's amazing to see that two different players were lucky enough to hit two major scores apiece. It kind of proves the old adage that you can't win if you're not playing. Two things are for sure, Casino Tropez would like to avoid German players for awhile, and German players are sure to be signing up for new accounts in large numbers over the coming weeks.


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