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Royal Vegas Casino Offers Three New Games and a Promotion


Dueces Wild Level Up PokerWith the advent of technology, the internet is offering a whole lot of experiences that in the past were unthinkable. This is merely statement of a fact that many can bear witness; we never expected it would reach a point where we could experience amazing fun on the internet playing out favorite casino games. However, as i talk about this now, there are hundreds of casinos offering different games online. In fact, many people seem to be enjoying playing these games in the online casinos rather than the offline ones especially due to security. One of the best online groups of casinos is Fortune Lounge. The group commands a huge following due to the variety of casino brands it offers.

One of the most famous brands of Fortune Lounge is the Royal Vegas Casino. Just recently, Fortune Lounge embarked on a series of activities and operations with the aim of revamping this famous casino. Well, i can tell you the results of this exercise have certainly bore fruits. Royal Vegas casino looks like a brand new casino. It has a new stylish and sleek look that for sure puts it ahead of the rest. Imagine the casino has now incorporated the latest mobile technology that few other online casinos have. It will no longer matter where you are playing the game from, or the language you use. The experience will be the same!

First Past the Post Video SlotRoyal Vegas Casino has not only revamped its looks. Players are now being offered three brand new games. What a way to start operations again! One of the new releases is a Poker game by the name Deuces Wild Level-Up Poker. After the success of its predecessor the Multi Level Power Poker, the Deuces Wild Level-Up is expected to amaze an even greater following. The game that will be played with one hand per level with a new 52-card deck per hand is expected to offer players much fun. The interface of the game is also splendid and very appealing. Popularity of Slot games has also led to the introduction of the new First Past the Post Video Slot. This thrilling game will surely create a game craving among enthusiasts, especially due to its style and presentation of graphics.

Sir Winsalot Video SlotThe other brand new game at the Royal Vegas Casino 'reloaded' is the Sir Winsalot Video Slot. Just like the name suggests this game depicts a truly 'royal' theme. Players have the opportunity to use a wild Knight to form winning combinations. This is in addition to an amazing 10 free spins as well as a screen bonus game. It is clearly evident that this game will be a massive hit. To cap it all, Royal Vegas Casino has announced that there will be numerous bonuses and promotions on all the three new games. Players will enjoy a $25 upfront offer when they are making their first deposits and a further $100 that will be issued in increments of $10 whenever they earn 50 poker points. If you want to register at the casino and get a free bonus, click here.