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October 25, 2014

Sega Games closes poker for Italians because it was not regulated


Sega casinoSega is one of the most famous brands throughout the world. Originally they was known as a video games manufacturer company which is popular among the teenagers. After obtaining great name and fame in the entertainment's market, the Sega had decided to enter in the industry of online casinos. But unfortunately before reaching a year of operation, the Sega online casino is closing down.

The Sega online poker and the gambling websites (Sega casino) were licensed, but due to unknown reason they have announced to shut it off and they have advised their customers and players to withdraw their funds as soon as possible. In the beginning the Sega games had closed the poker for Italians due to some regulatory reasons. But now they have announced a very negative message (is also posted on their site) saying we no more are accepting registration and deposits from your jurisdiction. There are two Sega online gambling sites which are and the other is

These sites had started their business and were in operation less than a year ago and the license were given to them last October. They had dealt with different software companies for different software and they were providing about 125 among poker and casino games to their players. Different games were added in their sites among which some was House of the Dead and Nights, Virtual Fighter, Phantasy Star etc. About player's refund, the Games Limited said that the remaining funds will start to be credited in the customer’s account on September 15.

As we all know, Sega is a very popular brand and after the release of its online gambling sites it was able to develop a small fan base in Europe. After hearing the news of closure the players were really upset and it is said that the site will be missed by many of its loyal members.


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