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October 25, 2014

Sheriff Gaming - unconventional slots with unique characteristics


Sheriff Gaming logoThe Sheriff Gaming online slots catalog, must be swelling of late as new games a plenty have been rolled out over the last year. Sheriff Gaming’s unique ability to churn out brand new games and make them thoroughly enjoyable in such a short space of time has surprised many in the online gambling world, and it has now been announced that yet another title is scheduled to hit the casinos within the month.

Sheriff Gaming earlier this year released a total of forty two online slots, all of them featuring the Dutch company’s revolutionary 3D gaming design. At the forefront of the 3D online slot – a design aspect that many other online gaming companies are now looking at replicating – Sheriff Gaming’s latest release adds yet another first to the online casino world’s stock of games.

Entitled Gold Raider – Finding The Throne Of Skulls, and playable at Solera Casino, it appears quite obvious that this latest online slot from the 3D slot masters is an amalgamation of Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and several other adventurer explorer games and franchises that have surfaced over the years. But there is a twist. Gold Raider is predicted to be hilariously witty and funny, it could in some sense be considered the first real comedy slot, or reel comedy slot if you fancy a pun.

From all accounts, this new online slot is scheduled to be a five reel slot with the 3D interface and animated reel icons that have kept fans of the Dutch design company’s games hooked from the start. This new release is predicting to be just as popular. Instead of simple cheese ball animations, we are going to be treated to a bit of slapstick as the games central hero, the aforementioned Indiana Jones / Lara Croft with big laughs mix up desperately seeks out the Throne of Skulls whilst evading booby traps and guardians of the treasure.

This is of course all set against the backdrop of an online slot machine. One should certainly not overlook the fact that at the end of the day, a gamer is still playing to win the big jackpot and that the storylines in Sheriff Gaming’s titles are only designed to hook a player in, and provide them with some light entertainment whilst playing.

This though is something Sheriff Gaming have done expertly in the past, and many games have fallen in love with the idea of effectively getting two games for the price of one. They’ve done it before; they’ll probably do it again, but one thing’s for sure. When Gold Raider – Finding The Throne of Skulls makes it online casino appearance later this year, it will certainly cause quite a stir!


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