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October 25, 2014

Skrill 1-Tap, the new mobile betting payment application


bet365 and skrill develop 1-tapMost online gamers will be familiar with Skrill, as one of the most commonly offered forms of payment methods in the online gambling world. The site formerly known as Moneybookers have their fingers in a lot of pies across the scope of the internet gambling industry and they can be found in almost every online gambling site. It is also highly probably that they’ll be familiar with Bet 365 too, one of the massive and perhaps world’s largest online sportsbooks hardly escapes anyone’s attention. So what happens when the two pair up for a new mobile app features?

Skrill and Bet 365 have recently joined forces with a brand new mobile betting payment application entitled Skrill 1-Tap. The new Skrill 1-Tap application will allow mobile casino gamers to deposit funds into their Bet 365 account, without having the need consistently re-enter information. The application will store your Skrill data making depositing a mere matter of seconds, or as their title of the app would suggest, in just one tap or click.

Upon registering for the new payment method with the application, mobile gamers will be asked if you wish to use Skrill 1-Tap for future payments and should they agree the information saved with permit them to do just that. Pay with a single click.

Skrill 1-Tap won’t just be appearing on Android and i-Phone casino markets however. The application is adaptable and is expected to be launched in the tablet, online and downloadable casinos before long. Bet 365 are merely the first major company on record to be launching the new application and software.

In every way, Skrill 1-Tap is designed to make life for the online gamer easier and simpler, and from what is known at the moment, that will almost certainly become the case. Skrill themselves currently service twenty five million people globally and offer well over a hundred varying payment options in over two hundred countries, and forty one varying currencies.

A press release by David Roe, who is Chief Product Officer over at Skrill commentated that due to the increase in the popularity of gaming, which is predicted to high just under five billion dollars before the end of next year, Bet 365 and Skrill together are staying ahead of the game with the new payment method application.

The CPO also expressed joy at the unison between the two companies and stated that in the coming weeks, other operators would also be employing the same technology that Skrill is offering. Online gamers across the vast expanse of the internet it would seem will be able to enjoy the Skrill 1-Tap payment feature very soon.

Skrill-1tab - procedure of payment on mobile phone


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