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October 25, 2014

Spanish region Castilla y Leon offers gambling chances at long last


Castilla y Leon (coat of arms)Online gambling has always been finicky in Spain, particularly with the European Union expected to announce wholesale changes to way online gambling is run in Europe. The Spanish region of Castilla y Leon however has finally, after four years of deliberation, made their own choice on the matter.

The autonomous region will now officially regulate online gambling in the region which covers a total of over two and half million people. With Valladolid as its capital, gambling in Castilla y Leon had previously been made very difficult, but the new decree should change all of that.

Under their new regulation, there are fresh protection acts for gamers in the region, as well as rules and regulations which must firmly be met by operators and new rules regarding taxes and licensing which must also be taken into account. All of these new principles must be met by both the regional and state (Spanish) gambling laws, which is no small feat for operators.

The first step is for online gambling operators to apply for a license for gambling. Once this has been met, the gambling operators will be permitted to launch casino, slots, and bingo and sweepstakes websites. Amongst the games eligible for inclusion also include online blackjack, poker and roulette. All gambling operators must also be aligned into a partnership with either the Castilla y Leon Company or another large and fully legal gambling entity; an office based inside the region is also one of the requirements of the new deal to operate in the Spanish region.

The new deal should see online gambling operators who are fully compliant with the region and Spain’s gambling laws regarding the licensing and operation of their sites, given an advantage over other online gambling sites that are currently setup and offering services in the region, that aren’t obliging with the new rules and regulations.

The terms for the new arrangement mean that an online gambling operator must also not participate in another corporation, and that they must also reveal a capital of over three million Euros for their internet operations alone, including an additional three hundred thousand Euros for offline gambling, which presumably would involves either a land based casino, scratch card system or sports betting offices (bookies).

So far the deal hasn’t attracted too much attention by the top online gambling operators, as many of them are believed to already have gambling sites currently in operation in Castilla y Leon, and it is unclear at present – if they will be forced to close their current operations if they do not agree to the new deal or are unsuccessful in acquiring one of the new licenses.


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