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October 25, 2014

ST. CATHARINES - Program teaches children how to gamble safely


Young students learn a lesson on gambling meaningThe popularity of gambling is increasing day by day which is somehow evil towards the society. Well as we all know that gambling is not bad but the person is who is gambling in a bad manner. There are many ways in which you can gamble among which many are safe but due to the lust and greed of money most people go for the risked gambling which is wrong, illegal and evil for the society.

Gambling is illegal in most places in the world but in some places gambling on some specific things is legal such as on horse racing etc. According to different research the gambling alone helps tremendously the economy so if it is good for the economy then why it should be banned.

Well the need is of the safe gambling and this now people are becoming aware of safe gambling. A great step in this regard was taken by the ST. CATHARINES program which is teaching the children to gamble safely. This happened in a very effective manner which was that the teacher asked all the children to write a name of anything which is belonged to them such as any item of their bedroom, or in their closet etc. whoever wins will take all. This was done to understand the odds and the values in the gambling.

A youth worker told that gambling is neither bad nor good but I will teach you how to gamble safely. The YMCA program is performing this act for about 10 years and they give lessons to the kids to make good choices. Teaching to safe gamble to kids is a great step as in the young and adult age, young kids are fascinated towards gambling but can become addictive and lost everything, because they don’t know the game completely and they also don’t know how to gamble safely.


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