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October 25, 2014

Steps forth for one of Canada’s finest online casinos, the Lucky Nugget


It has been long overdue that one of Canada’s finest online casinos made a name for itself in the European sector of online gambling. It is also quite rare for a North American online casino to offer such a large range of bonuses as can be found at the Lucky Nugget Casino. Most North American online casinos generally tend to prefer a large and sizable welcome bonus, and that’s about all. Lucky Nugget feels quite differently however, and their substantial range of bonuses is sure to turn many heads as well as hearts in the North American online gambling scene.

Lucky Nugget Casino

Lucky Nugget online casino is currently throwing a welcome bonus out there for new players, that offers either a one hundred percent match deposit bonus, valid up to one thousand pounds, or a one hundred and fifty percent match deposit bonus valid up to two hundred pounds.

Two main questions can be asked here, of which we have the answer to only one of them. Firstly, why a top Canadian online casino is dealing with pounds sterling over Canadian dollars, and secondly why are there two types of similar welcome bonuses.

Lucky Nugget offers their bonuses in pounds sterling. We don’t know why, but for us European gamers, no reason is really needed – we like it nonetheless, and we don’t have an answer anyway. But for the second, well that is simple to answer.

Lucky Nugget Casino has two distinct welcome bonuses for two very different types of online casino players. The first and larger one grand bonus is naturally for prospective high roller players at Lucky Nugget Casino. The second somewhat smaller (although still very much admirable) welcome bonus is reserved for standard casino players. Which one can you apply for? That’s entirely up to you, but you may want to read up on the rules and regulations of each so there are no surprises.

Now we mentioned other additional bonuses at Lucky Nugget Casino? There are three main additional promotions and offers that are all certain to get you tingled with excitement. The first of these is a Free Spins Mania offer. Playing selected slots at Lucky Nugget Casino will be rewarded with free spins; a full list of qualifying slots is available on their website.

There is also a Free Credit Frenzy offer for players there too. Like the free spins promotion, this offer is available on selected online casino games, and you could find yourself with some free credits out of the blue.

Lastly, like most truly good online casinos there is a loyalty bonus program. Every single wager a player makes will be rewarded with points which can be accumulated and redeemed for real money to be used on more casino games.

Details of all of Lucky Nuggets offers and additional news regarding the online casino site can be found at their online casino webpage.


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