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October 25, 2014

Systems of Gambling


Gambling Systems CalculationsThere have been various attempts through history to create gambling techniques aimed to beat or cheat the system in order to win. Technically, some of them require limitless resources – which nobody has. It is felt that none of these techniques are failsafe and none of them can definitively be considered profitable over a sustained period of time. People will however calculate a sizable bet and introduce the notion of loss over a sustained period of time. In this way, they can make a wager – taking into account a loss – and continue to do so until there is a payoff.

For example, a Londoner might wager that there will be a white Christmas this year. He can do this every year, adding the previous year’s losses to the wager, until he finally wins the bet and takes home his winnings – which take into account all of his previous losses – thus making a small profit.

In a fixed profits gambling system, the stakes are measured in terms that are based on the probabilities of loss and win. The aim is that the same profits will result from whatever bet or bets are made. Meanwhile, the fixed stakes system means that the same stakes are bet on each chosen horse in a race, for example, or whatever other variables are being bet on.

Card counting is one example of a gambling system. The ability to keep track of the number of high value cards remaining in a deck has an advantage when playing blackjack. The ratio of high cards to low can be calculated in many ways. Some people calculate how many cards with a value of ten remain in the deck during a game to give a little advantage to themselves.

Various other calculations can be made when it comes to gambling and attempting to beat the bookie. Optimal stakes are often placed in way to allow your bank balance to remain healthy (in theory). However, because many bets are based on chance, the odds for someone attempting to beat the system, are frequently no higher than anyone else playing the game or making their bets.

Speculative investments are sometimes considered gambling. Various kinds of stock market investment may be regarded as gambling systems. However, they are often wiser choices than other kinds of gambling, because an investor can take note of changes to a company in the news. If a company is doing well and making profits, it may be wise to invest in it.

If a company’s product is failing – for example, if a car manufacturer has been found to have a major fault in its cars and is recalling those cars for repair – the chances are high that its profits will dip. However, this might be the ideal time to buy shares in that car company, so when its profits rise again, the investor can sell on the shares.

If any kinds of gambling systems were completely foolproof or failsafe, everyone would do them. So far, no gambling system has achieved this level of success. If it had, booking shops and casinos would go bankrupt with far greater frequency than they do.


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