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October 25, 2014

The Economic Impacts Harbored by Gambling Industry


Paul SamuelsonThe expansion of the gambling industry has had a great impact over the last couple of years with more casinos being set up by use of online and traditional means. This has made the increase of more informed developments and analysis available to gamblers making them venture into gambling with full knowledge. Again, people have made huge transfers of their money as well as goods due to gambling reasons leaving a huge mark of economic strain in there lives.

Economists such as Samuelson’s have characterized gambling by setting up some criticisms as an application to movies or Disneyland. These products are believed to have no additional ability to the economic production. However, they produce only the satisfaction value as well as utility value to consumers based on the economist’s jargon. Samuelson as an economist has various concerns on the gambling ban on the basis of costs. On the other hand, gambling can have a powerful impact on the economic development. Recently witnessed the economic growth of Las Vegas is due to its abilities in gambling. Through it, there has been growth in jobs, development of low tax manifestations which has resulted into many local governments as well as states harboring envy.

The economic growth on various communities and their developments has increased largely through various gaming. This is because of the creation of many jobs which have a direct association with gambling facilities which have lead to huge significance. This can be supported through a recent comment by one commentator; “about 10,000 jobs have been created from the gaming project which has made the communities’ economic status be improved by a large margin.” Presence of these gaming projects in many community levels has a major impact in that the created jobs have made people gain jobs. In other cities like Atlantic, the impact of gambling has resulted into the building of more huge facilities creating over around 40,000 jobs. Some of the major facilities are the casinos which have made a huge contribution especially in the hiring of minorities.

In the Indian tribes, a large economic impact has been achieved through a Native American gaming. The studies taken give detailed calculations the economic impact has done through Indian gaming. The happenings involved in the Indian gaming involve payment of wages, social security and taxes linked with Medicare and federal. However, the fact that the Indian tribes have an exemption of paying both local and state taxation, the employees do pay them. Moving to a state like Minnesota which has economic impacts that are reserved on the outside, has a high increase in wages from the amusement industry with increase in sales from the available casinos. The casino gaming in this area leads to higher property values which have supported the economic growth through creation of employment opportunities to those that are idling about.

In conclusion, an industry that draws its money from outside is more of help in that the tourists that come from different regions are fostered into the industries which in turn bring a significant amount of Money which is involved in the economic growth.


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