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October 25, 2014

The Euro Millions UK gets a facelift in time for the Olympics

CASINO GAME RULES logoWho wants to be a millionaire? No, I’m not talking about the hit television show that promises to make millionaire out of anyone who answers thirteen questions correctly, I’m talking about the new and improved Euro Millions UK draw that promises to make 100 millionaires in time for the start of Olympic Games 2012 in London.

Thanks to Win Trillions, the Euro Millionaire UK raffle draw – which makes roughly two millionaires in Britain every single week – is going to be available outside of the UK for the very first time!

The Olympic Millionaire special draw is scheduled to be launched in just two days time on July 27th and up to 100 millionaires are expected to be created by the events conclusion. But the big news for the Euro Millions UK draw is its transportation oversees.

Basically, the way the Euro Millions UK raffle draw works is as follows. Every time a player buys a Euro Millions ticket in the United Kingdom, they get entered into the Euro Millions UK raffle draw, which promises to make two millionaires a week in a lucky dip raffle. Up until this point, this had been an entirely UK only experience; but now thanks the power of Win Trillions, this will be optional for players across Europe.

The new game that will be launched – although currently part of the Euro Millions set up – is rumored to be re-launched as a stand-alone game when the GBP 100 Million Olympic Draw kicks off in two days time. The event is scheduled to be the platform for the new Euro Millions UK raffle game. Although the details surrounding the new game are incredibly hazy and unclear; wishful players will not have to wait too long to find out exactly how it works.

Previously the raffle number was generated randomly and printed onto the Euro Millions ticket in the United Kingdom, with many players unaware of what the digits actually meant. Following the draws on Tuesdays and Fridays, the numbers were selected by a lottery machine and the winners informed of their success. Just whether this format is to continue is also currently unknown.

Players who are interested in the purchasing of Euro Millions tickets can buy them test the official UK Euro Millions website, and doing so before the draw on Friday will also include their entry into the GBP 100 Million draw!

More information about the new format are available at


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