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October 25, 2014

The Gambling Giants in China: Macau


The Venetian Macao's CasinoMacau has brought gambling revenues to the Chinese government to attention. The impact of the revenues are so big that the neighboring Asian countries will want to ape and take after the China's steps in legalization of casinos in their countries. Macau has developed a strategy of earning more and retaining more from the gamblers. And the question is, who really are the greatest target customers of Macau is it the ordinary customers or is it the tycoons that often the casinos to play the games? Is Singapore actually placing Macau on its toes?

Reports indicate that the VIPs and junkets are the main dominator of the casinos customer targets. One may make an assumption that a thriving region such as Macau in the gambling industry would be quite satisfied with the number of customers they have but that has not been the truth for while now. The casinos want to have as many VIP customers as possible by increasing incentives to their junket operators so that they bring more VIP customers.

The main gambling competitor against Macau is Singapore with the aim of seeing which of them would have a faster growing revenue in 2011. Some reports say that the Macau expects a revenue growth of 30% while Singapore expects 25% of revenue growth. Therefore, for any of them to actually realize these profits they may have to develop strategies of attracting more customers and the higher the chance of attracting the VIP's the better it is for the industry.

In the efforts to being the best gambling industry to earn high revenue, Macau aims to entice more visitors with some of the features of the casino and building of a new one. Some of the features of the Galaxy Macau are the 550,000 square meter property, 5 gaming areas, more than 2000 hotel rooms with over five hundred restaurants. The casino to be built is worth US $2 billion which is expected to open in mid-May this year at the Macau's Coastal strip. The main aim will be to attract more visitors if not more tourists and especially the VIPs from China and other parts of the world.

As Macau soars to higher heights in the gambling industry some of the reputable cities known for the gambling industry seem to be overtaken by Macau. The fact is that Las Vegas which was once known as the gambling core but now that is no longer the truth, has been surpassed. Macau's revenue has continued to rise as Las Vegas continues to struggle to the high rate of unemployment. This means that Macau may not only be the gambling giant in China but is seriously giving first class economies stiff competition and as far as the gambling industry is concerned in the whole world it has what it takes to take the top list. Therefore, Macau is an inevitable enigma in this industry not because it surpasses the Las Vegas gambling industry but maybe that was one reason why it may have earned the World Biggest Gambling Hub in 2006.


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