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October 25, 2014

The Greatest Of New Casino Games


The demand for new casino games has been on the increase over the years. Casino owners and patrons have been on constant lookout for new casino games in order to keep up with the excitement that comes with having new challenges brought about by the new casino games. It is for this purpose that Platinum Play has launched exciting new casino games. Some of these high quality games include Spider-Man-II Revelations and Millionaires Club III. It is worth noting that these are just a tiny fraction of the other new casino games available. These games are of high quality, exciting, up to date and a great source of that adrenalin rush that’s needed from time to time. In order to keep you up to date and excited here are some of the newest games in the market:

  • Wonder Woman SlotWonder Woman – This is a great game that’s meant to unleash the super powers possessed by the Wonder Woman. In this game you can activate the new bonus bet in order to help the Amazon princess successfully get through an island infested with a lot of zombies. The end of this game features a great battle between the Wonder Woman and the god Ares. This is a great game in which Wonder Woman uses the magic lasso for the purposes of creating wild symbols which are held on the reels for a considerable period of up to 5 spins.
  • Batman Video SlotBatman – In this game the Dark Night gets into an exciting battle with The Joker. It is worth noting that this is Batman’s first and only slot machine in the world. The idea of this game is to have you stop The Joker by fighting your way through Arkham Asylum and its inmates. It is a game that can earn you up to 100 times in terms of cash prizes.
  • Monkeys to Mars SlotMonkeys to Mars – This is a game that’s characterized with adrenalin as you take off into a new galaxy. You can be able to expand wilds, experience re-spins and still win big by playing the Monkeys and Mars game. The objective of the game is to help the chimpanzee heroes, to find their way through asteroids and aliens in order to reach the Red Planet Riches. This game has got great features with magnificent interfaces that will keep you excited for the entire period of the game.
  • Street Fighter IV SlotStreet Fighter IV – This game has got a wonderful intro which is meant to get your mindset relaxed and your feelings into the mood of the game. The introduction features the various characters showing off what they are made off by displaying their trade mark moves and skills. The trick of the game lies in selecting your characters and your winning moves carefully in order for you to win big.

There are other new and exciting games to look out for including Cleo Queen of Egypt, Savannah Sunrise, Spider Man II Revelations, Call of Duty 4, King Kong, Millionaires Club III, Jenga, Samba Nights and Dragon Sword.

The variety of new casino games launched by Platinum Play casino (review) are a great source of relaxation and satisfaction for you and anyone else who is interested. The only thing that you need to do is to enjoy yourself while playing.


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