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October 25, 2014

The Latest No Download Casino Brings Chinatown to Your Screen


The latest new game to be added to has arrived. WinADay, well known for hosting original, no download casino games, now hosts its very own Chinatown. This 21 pay line video slot machine pays homage to Chinese culture and history. Players can view lotus flowers and Ming vases while earning a chance to win up to 15 free spins and up to 1000 times their maximum bet. This latest no download casino game has 21 pay lines and players can bet as little as $0.02 and as much as $4.00 on each line.

A popular feature of WinADay's no download casino games is the progressive jackpot. Many of the site's video slot machine games work in conjunction with this jackpot, including Chinatown. A bet of only $5 can win the progressive jackpot, which is now worth more than $170,000.

Paper lanterns are often used in festivals of celebration in Asian cultures. Players of Chinatown will celebrate each time they see these lanterns as well. With as few as three paper lanterns in any pattern, players receive five free spins. As the number of lanterns in view increase, so do the number of free spins. Up to 15 free spins can be earned in all.

Of course, no WinADay game would be the same without a wild space. In most video slot machine games, wild spaces may only appear on one real, limiting the player's chances for wins. With Chinatown, the wild symbol is an animated sword that can appear on any reel, making the player's chances for winning even better.

Winaday hosts the latest no download casino games

To celebrate WinADay's new no download casino game, the company has hosted a number of slot tournaments. Each day, the five highest scoring players were given bonuses that reached as high as $150. In order to be eligible for the bonuses, players simply needed to play Chinatown. They were automatically entered and given the bonus when they reached the top. On October 19, players were given the chance to take advantage of a $19 no-deposit bonus. The following week, players will be rewarded with prizes reaching $500.

Chinatown joins the WinADay no download casino family with 27 other unique games. Along with the video slot machine games, WinADay also hosts video poker, roulette, and keno. All of these games are available at To learn more about special bonuses, and to meet other players, the company also hosts a Facebook page.


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