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October 25, 2014

The Newest Micro Gaming Machine and Slots


Eagle Wings Video SlotRed Flush online casino is not out of the festive mood yet. It is its third anniversary since inception and it is throwing in survivor slot tournament in the party. In the next twelve weeks, players will be competing for a chance to walk away with $100,000 grand price. Weekly challenges are on going with hefty prizes rolling out of their prize bag. Survivor slot has always been an exclusive brain child of Red Flush and was exceptionally created to offer players animation with a new dimension.

There are more reasons for gaming at flush casino. Second runners up will not walk away empty handed as a holiday worth $20,000 is in the waiting for two. The buck doesn't stop there. Red Flush casino is pleased to introduce to its gamblers the newest slots machine in the online casino industry.

An experienced gambler will hint that focus is the main component of winning. You have to be smart and have a quick wit to capitalize on opportunities as they arise during the game. The new machine, Eagle's wings enables one to play a maximum of 60 free spins with each with a give number of free points. It has a total of five reels and a 25 pay lines. The machine has a golden eagle on it and will allow you to have a maximum of three picks. There is a chance to win up to a maximum of 31,000 pounds and a jack pot of over 90,000 pounds. The ruby of the Nile is yet another slot machine unveiled at Red Flush online casino. It has five reel video slots with a 20 pay lines.

Queen of Hearts - Slot machineRed Flush is not done at its game yet. You can also game at your convenient time with the new Rhyming Reels Queen of hearts machine. This all new machine has the highest number of videos on the new arrivals having a sum of 30. It has the same features as eagle since it can also re-trigger spins.

Sneak a peek is the final of these huge and marvelous offers. This one is quite unique and it’s all adventurous. The slot machine has the least number of pay lines that is a minimum of low of 15 and it’s a 5 reel video slot. The adventure bit of it comes with its wild and scatters. When one smooches a scatter anywhere within the reels, there is an automatic reward of multipliers and free spins.

Sneak the Peak - Planet exoticaFrom the past experience, swords by now are already drawn baying for blood as each player flexes muscles in order to become the ultimate survivor. Each registry with for the ultimate survivor slot challenge automatically gets 100 free points to players as a sign of goodwill and blessing from the Red Flush fraternity.

Red Flush Promotional manager Alex Roberts predicts a tough war and says the 100 points will act as a pace setter as players position themselves the tournament. With five new machines and survivor slot tournament back again, Red Flush is smoking with tongues of fire poking out.


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