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October 25, 2014

The union between NKL and SKL have formed the new Gemeinsame Klassenlotterie


The Gemeinsame Klassenlotterie logoA new national German lottery has been formed this week, after months of pressing issues regarding the state of gambling in the European country appear to be coming to a head. Two of Germany’s main existing lotteries, the NKL German Lottery Northwest and the SKL South German Class Lottery are reportedly joining forces to create the Gemeinsame Klassenlotterie, the first true national Germany lottery.

Recently the countries gambling laws have been thrown into disarray with complications brought about by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The new national lottery is seen as a means to rectify the issue that the most powerful woman in Germany had deemed necessary to tackle. The new national lottery will now be commanded by the state instead of being run by two companies, meaning Germany itself will have a tight grip on its new lottery system.

Like most European governments of late, Germany intends to do away with the old system of privately run gambling businesses by nationalizing certain aspects of the market and creating national alternatives that are backed by the German state and wholly legal under the current German gambling laws. This controlled method has been supported by Dr. Gerhard Rombach the former director of SKL, and Gunther Schneider the current NKL chief executive officer.

The head offices of the two former lottery providers are expected to remain in both Hamburg and Munich however, with the new lottery ticket format expected to be implemented sometime next year in 2013, although no specific timeframe has been officially established as of yet. Just what will become of the Süddeutsche Klassenlotterie (SKL) and the Nordwestdeutsche Klassenlotterie as private and independent companies remains to be seen although they are expected to merge formally in the coming days.

All sixteen of Germany’s states have ratified this new lottery and the new GKL (Gemeinsame Klassenlotterie) is predicted to be widely popular amongst the current German lottery playing population. It is expected to run similarly to other countries national lotteries.

This is far from the end of the gambling issues in Germany however with Chancellor Merkel keen to address that other areas of improvement are needed in order to have complete control over organized gambling in her country. Whilst this may spell good news for German companies it will inevitably be greeted with a hostile reception by many online gambling sites that are currently competing in Germany and will therefore require new licenses in the near future should the Chancellor be successful.


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