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November 1, 2014

There is a future for online gamblers in Nevada?


2006 Nevada quarterWhen it comes to online gambling, nothing is more paramount than a player’s security and safety in an online casino, poker site, bingo site or online sportsbook. Many of us seldom think of the risks involving at any great length and thanks to the amazing technology that is more often than not “un-crackable” and offered by online gambling sites, why would we? Players in Nevada though, are going to get extra assurances from their favorite online poker sites in the future however; at least that is what has been reported in this week’s online gambling news.

In the United States specifically, the players security is their number one priority and the American gambling laws are vehemently designed to protect said player’s rights, far more so than those of a given online gambling site or land-based gambling house.

As online gambling in Nevada is due to go through the roof with the advent of new gambling legislation in the state that would seemingly make online gambling a legal enterprise in Nevada, new measures of protection have been introduced to safeguard the players’ security and more importantly, their money, one step further than usual.

An online gambling site (such as Nevada player’s beloved online poker sites) will now be made to separate a player’s own funds from the gambling sites funds. This move would create in effect, two pools of money, thereby insuring that in the event of financial failure at the establishment, a players winnings and balance can be safety returned to them without being swallowed by the debt an online gambling site may have.

This has been the case with a number of online poker sites in particular over the last year, which have found themselves suddenly shut down, or bankrupt for various reasons and then with no funds with which to save themselves, they have used their player’s funds to better themselves out of the bad situation. It has also been reported that several online gambling sites that have been closed down were reluctant to release players funds to them (after closure) until the total financial ramifications could be established. This is cheating, this is fraud and this is illegal. The new changes should theoretically end of all that.

Other changes would see new punishments attributed to those sites that do not follow suit. A loss of license would be unquestionable for any site using player’s balances to fund their operational, licensing or other costs. The amount of trouble they would be in could even extend to a criminal lawsuit against said site.

This new measure of protection is hotly anticipated following the problems of Black Friday and other U.S. online poker scandals, and would represent a revolutionary step in the world of online gambling. One that every gamer is looking forward to, and hopes that is spreads to other regions of the online gambling world.


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