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October 25, 2014

Thunderstruck II Video Slots Game


Thunderstruck was an amazing video slots game, brought to online casino players by the leading software providers: Microgaming. This thrilling game changed the face of online slots and promised players a higher level of online casino entertainment from that point forward. The first Thunderstruck grew in popularity day by day, so much so that a sequel was conceptualized, designed, developed and then released in the earlier months of 2010.

The release of Thunderstruck II was preempted with an outbreak of PR and introductory hype, and that is purely because after a minute of play on this great video slots game, you realize that it is something special – set far apart from any other game.

Thunderstruck II took all the positive aspects from its predecessor and enhanced them from every perspective possible. The graphics for one are simply spectacular; clearly evident in the opening sequence which is more like a short movie than an introduction, and it only gets better from there on out.

This game is played across 5 reels as with any video slots game, but instead of having the wins determined by pay-lines there are 243 “ways to win”. These ways are pre-determined and can accumulate to winnings of over 2.4 million coins. Throw in a number of scatters, wilds, rolling reels, crazy multipliers and the randomly occurring Wildstorm feature, and you have a game that is set to change people’s perceptions of video slots games forever. Players can only expect to be entertained, thrilled and delighted as they rake in innumerable wins on Thunderstruck II.

The Wildstorm feature is not the only bonus event that Thunderstruck II has in its arsenal. Video slots players are introduced to 4 prominent characters from Asgard (the realm of the Norse gods) with each character offering up an exceptional bonus feature of their own. These characters come to life one at a time when the Great Hall of Spin bonus feature is triggered. Players that find 3 or more of Thor’s hammers on the screen at the same time will open up the Great Hall of Spins where each character displays their bonus feature in a specific order.

The first character to be met is Valkyrie; the Shieldman of Valhalla. She brings a mystical and magical beauty to the Thunderstruck II video slots game, and her bonus feature is comprised of 10 free spins at a 5 times multiplier. She is available from the first trigger of the bonus feature. The next character is Loki, the god of mischief – an impish personality that brings the promise of improved winnings with 15 free spins. His feature is available from the 5th trigger and also introduces the Wild Magic bonus where symbols are arbitrarily transformed into further substitutes.

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Odin is the next character that players come into contact with. He is the ruler of Asgard and brings about an opportunity to win 20 free spins at a 2 times or 3 times multiplier. This bonus feature also introduces the Wild Raven feature which adds further prospects to the winning statistics and is available from the 10th trigger. Thor is the god that everyone has become familiar with and he is certainly a welcome sight across the reels. His bonus feature is available from the 15th trigger and comes complete with rolling reels as well as multipliers that increase with every consecutive win.

Each time a player unlocks the Great Hall of Spins, the journey through these bonus features is recorded and saved. This allows players to come back time and time again and find that their current placing in the Great Hall of Spins is still there waiting for them to pick up where they left off.

With the first spin of the reels begins a great adventure that players will thrive on each and every time they venture into the online casino. Improving on Thunderstruck II will be very difficult, and perhaps with all these features and the endless journey through the Great Hall of Spins, there will be little or no need for another sequel.


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